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Radio Subtitles

Subtitles for Radio broadcasts
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Many radio channels are now available on Terrestrial Digital TV and DAB.

The subtitle system can be used to subtitle the radio announcer's words, the track title & other information, such as lyrics.

Dub, Feb 20 2007

RDS: Radio Data System http://en.wikipedia...i/Radio_Data_System
The old analogue information system. Not really suitable for subtitles, but might be possible. [Jinbish, Feb 20 2007]

DAB http://www.radioandtelly.co.uk/dab.html
Most DAB radios support scrolling radio text. [skinflaps, Feb 20 2007]

RDS Encoder http://www.audemat-...80%20RDS%20Encoder/
as per Jinbish [skinflaps, Feb 20 2007]


       Particularly good for Radio 2's Joint Mumblers in Chief, Kennedy and Wogan.
calum, Feb 20 2007

       My DUB radio displays track title and other information on certain channels.
skinflaps, Feb 20 2007

       Lyrics would be a great addition.+
xandram, Feb 20 2007

       The major hurdle, in my view, is the managing the synchronisation and delay in translating the speech to text. TV has this same challenge - so it doesn't scupper this idea.   

       In any case, song lyrics can be synchronised ahead of time and imbedded into the track information.   

       (Ken Bruce is more mumbly than Sarah Kennedy, Calum. He's probably King Mumbler.)
Jinbish, Feb 20 2007

       Would timing really be an issure, if the music and (say) lyrics come from the same source? - {starts thinking of mux flushing, bit interleaving and buffer swapping}
Dub, Feb 20 2007

       It might be better just to send it as video, as my personal experience with captioning/subtitles is they tend to be behind.
Agamemnon, Feb 20 2007


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