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x-ray folded paper creations
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To make Xorigami, you must use tracing paper, and not only create the external skin of the animal or object, but also its internal organs. In the case of an inanimate form, this means making its supporting structures.

These are then visible like semi-translucent X-rays.

To increase exponentially the degree of difficulty, only one single sheet of tracing paper can be used in Xorigami's most extreme version.

xenzag, Feb 03 2012

origami animal http://www.photogra...09/11/Origami10.jpg
one of numerous examples [xenzag, Feb 03 2012]

Not quite the same but related and pretty impressive. http://lisanilssona..._Tissue_Series.html
[AusCan531, Feb 06 2012]

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       I couldn't do it but I'd like to see it. Good name too [+]
AusCan531, Feb 03 2012

       Don't forget XORigami, in which if you were to make both a pteradactyl and a hat, you'd lose the challenge.
RayfordSteele, Feb 03 2012

       Oh no, I thought this was going to be naughty origami. (mind in the gutter.)
blissmiss, Feb 03 2012

       what [blissy] said!!!
xandram, Feb 03 2012

       That's orgygami - another idea entirely (and a good one too)!
xenzag, Feb 03 2012

       The pop-top version would be XXXXorigami.   

       I met someone who invented something tangentially related to this. He used a single A4 sheet of adhesive-backed paper to make little birds that you could fly on the end of a length of elastic on the end of a pole. They didn't have bird-like internal organs, but they did have internal mechanical linkages to make them function a bit like real birds - to wit, the dihedral angle of the wings was linked to the elevation angle of the tail, so that at high speeds, the angle of attack of the wings was reduced, and dihedral (and therefore stability) increased. They weren't traditional origami, because cuts were made in the paper, but the entire sheet was used without waste (including the backing sheet).   

       (I'd mentioned these before on this site, but was too lazy to do it the easy way, and search.)
spidermother, Feb 03 2012

       I gotta tell ya, this took guts.   

       //many origami animals aren't hollow at all// and many are.
It doesn't matter though, the point is that the internal organs can be created with flat shapes, and when subject to a back light, will read like x- rays.
xenzag, Feb 03 2012

       "this took guts."   

       Are you kidneying me? It's only the skeleton of an idea. Talk about efforts in vein...
normzone, Feb 03 2012

       I find its manifold intestiney origamsmic.   

       It's difficult to exspleen. Most of us don't have the heart to liver like that.
normzone, Feb 04 2012

       Logically, there could be variants such as:   


       And various kinds of Flip-Flops.
csea, Feb 04 2012

       Well, the outnerds must be parchmentally challenged.
The innerds get right bent-out-of-shape as per scription dictates.

       This might make a good teaching tool for extremely low- budget veterinary colleges. Not that I'm advocating low- budget veterinary colleges.
Alterother, Feb 04 2012


       The finished product would be immensely pleasing to my eye.   

       [2fries] and [normzone], there is nothing humerus about A&P.
MikeD, Feb 05 2012


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