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Xray Spec Hypnosis

But it's too late, I've already seen everything
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Basically, a normal pair of glasses, but you buy them from a hypnotist.

You are trained that whenever you wear the glasses you 'see' what is underneath people's clothes.

You are also shown photos of lots of naked people so you have a reasonable database for your imagination to work from.

Disclaimer: the manufacturer is not responsible for any adverse effects caused by wearing this product in high risk situations such as Bangkok or sci-fi conventions.

marklar, Jun 04 2008


       purpose ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 04 2008

       I thought this was going to be some sort of hyponosis that would make you think you were Poly Styrene and start singing "Germfree Adolescents".
hippo, Jun 04 2008

       Thanks [hippo] - I've now got Ms Styrene screeching "Identity" (a prescient bit of pop if ever there was one) in my head.
coprocephalous, Jun 04 2008

       I haven't been online since I posted this.   

       Purpose? Are you serious? I assume you mean that this product would be beneath you.   

       I just looked up Poly Styrene on WIkipedia, I'd never heard of her before.
marklar, Jun 25 2008


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