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Xtreme Knot Tying

Tie that rope fast and strong, or go splat.
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Bungee jumping, but you jump with a loose end of rope in your hand. Tie it around yourself strong and fast, or else.... More points for fancier knots.
awesomest, May 10 2010

Hangman's knot http://en.wikipedia...i/Hangman%27s_noose
Multifarous uses. [8th of 7, May 10 2010]


       Hangman's Noose   

8th of 7, May 10 2010

       Good idea [+]. And it would work in the reverse as well; extreme knot-untying. You're tied to a sleeping bear, and you must gently (but quickly!) untie the knot to get away before the bear wakes up.
swimswim, May 11 2010

       There is some prior art [swimswim], in that freedivers at depth occasionally get line-wrapped by a freshly speared fish, and must untangle themselves before their CO2 load gets fatally high.
normzone, May 11 2010

       Uh oh, oh no, Oh God, I like this. Don't really wanna watch, but then...
blissmiss, May 11 2010


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