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Xtreme Sewing

Sew fast and strong or die.
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Jump from plane with parachute with large tear in it. Sewing kit has one needle and one spool of thread. Only the best stitchers will stand in the medal ceremony.
awesomest, May 07 2010


       And if you can't dodge the flying sawblades, then guess what? ... You're sewing your own sutures.
DrWorm, May 08 2010

       A stitch in time saves nine meters per second squared.   

       I dunno... I think they should be blindfolded as well
hippo, May 08 2010

       Wearing boxing gloves?
xenzag, May 08 2010

       But in space, no one will hear them scream.
hippo, May 08 2010

       They could also be required to plant stuff (rapidly growing cotton) and harvest it on the way down to make the thread (reap what you sew)
xenzag, May 08 2010

       It seams to us that this thread presents some knotty problems, but some good material to work with.
8th of 7, May 08 2010

       Getting the needle threaded is going to be interesting...
normzone, May 13 2016

       I have, as it happens, jumped from a plane with parachute with large tear in it. To be fair, the chute did not have a tear until it opened. Also to be fair, it still worked.   

       However, performing any kind of repair work in a 120mph breeze in <60 seconds is going to be challenging. More than 60 seconds and it's probably no longer an issue.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 13 2016

       Here in The Shop in the Far(ther) North, edged 'round by cedars and pines, xtreme sewing is also known as 'stapling'...with staple gun, or, for finer work, we abscond with the office stapler from inside the house. Fixes many fine rends in the plaid caused by an errant chainsaw.   

       I will remember to slip a stapler into my pocket, should I be forced from my home at gunpoint into an Air Canada flying machine. (Wait...they always mention that the seat is a flotation device, but in-flight attendants never mention parachutes!!) Assuming availability, repairing a 'chute: should be staple-able in under 60 seconds.
Sgt Teacup, May 13 2016


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