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skydiving lasertag

shoot the other guy(s), don't get shot, and don't forget to check your altimeter so you know when to pull the ripchord on your chute...
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whoa! just think about it, though: you've got your special laser-light-detecting suit on, complete with parachute and lollypop (backup chute) and super-webbed armpits and inseam so you can literally fly, you've got your laser rifle, complete with scope, you've got your laser pistol, just in case, and you've got your goggles on, so the wind doesn't make your eyes water! and that's about it. I was thinking about special LCD goggles, for better scoping, targetting, and general nav stuff.. but I'd rather keep the whole bit somewhat affordable... and rocket packs are completely out of the question.
fatalbert, Sep 13 2002

audible altimeter http://www.l-and-b.dk/protrack.htm
audible warning [ty6, Sep 14 2002]

Automatic activation device http://www.pia.com/SSK/faltblau.htm
Airtec [ty6, Sep 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

audible altimeter http://www.l-and-b.dk/protrack.htm
audible warning [ty6, Oct 04 2004]


       Shouldn't that start with 'Hey... hey... hey!'?   

       You should sell this idea to a Dew commercial. Seriously. You could make some bucks. Heck, you never know. The Whazzup guys probably made a fortune.   

       Wait... forget I said that... hang on, I gotta go make a phone call to my agent.   

       Welcome to the œbakery; (note, many of the people here are English types who think that grammar is important and so we usually try to speak in complete sentences when posting ideas).
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2002

       have a preset chute opening just so you don't have to worry about that even.
kaz, Sep 13 2002

       hey, I'm proud of my sentences. I'm especially proud of the longest run-on sentence ever written...written by me, of course... so, for the future: get used to my grammar. and use your English-type-ness to better your understanding of my intentionally-bad-grammar-ness, and not to solidify how foppish I already think you English-types are...and then I might rectify my web writing! (if we all help each other, we'll all be better people.. [that doesn't apply to you English-types out there, you guys are already perfect])!   

       kaz: yes, I thought of that. and I also thought of maybe everyone's chutes opening as some sort of 'game over' signal.. but then I realised how much funnier it would be to see some guy open his chute out of fear, frustration, and defeat, after he's been hit eleventy times....! I still think highly of your idea of a preset altitude that, when reached, triggers the chute to open, and maybe the two ideas could be integrated. but I still don't know how the sport - and it is a sport, not some game or show - would function when people's chute are opening at indeterminable times...the force of the chute suddenly stopping your rapid downfall is awesome, and if one isn't ready for that, they may get injured (whiplash, etc...). maybe an audible warning, or even a command that tells them to open the shute would be more appropriate.. but this is all very much still up to debate...I appreciate everyone's suggestions and ideas, and I await more.
fatalbert, Sep 14 2002

       It seems reasonable that being hit by the laser would open one's parachute automatically, causing one to disappear upward out of the game. The last one to open auto/manually, equals the first to land (alive), wins.
FarmerJohn, Sep 14 2002

       I imagine it would be a nightmare trying to hit anyone. Perhaps a laser gatling gun?
calum, Sep 14 2002

       great! thanks for the link, too..only I was thinking of something hardwired into the whole helmet/suit bit...but it's a start!   

       and the get-hit-chute-opens thing is also a good idea...but only after I find out how easy or hard it is to hit someone with a laser while in freefall...if it's easy, the games would be really short...maybe a frag limit would be better? I know when I played lasertag, the game was over at once, and up until then, everyone just kept shooting each other.. but after the game was over the statistics of everyone (accuracy, kills, hits, etc...) was compared, and a rank list was made... I love lasertag, and it's terribly amusing...even on the ground!
fatalbert, Sep 14 2002

       Then also for the future, get used to being ripped for your grammar. It's just part of the halfbakery culture here. It's nothing personal.
RayfordSteele, Sep 14 2002

       //don't forget to check your altimeter so you know when to pull the ripchord on your chute...//   

       As one who has jumped out of a few planes, I can say that when you're plummeting towards the earth, forgetting to save yourself is not usually an issue.
Helium, Sep 15 2002

       You jumped out of a perfectly good airplane?
bristolz, Sep 15 2002

       A E R O P L A N E, yes.
Helium, Sep 15 2002

       thank you, ty6! you seem to have quite the nack for searching for links...but like I said earlier: I was thinking of something hardwired into the suit...I'm sure you can find me thousands of little gadgets by typing in a few words in google, but that doesn't accomplish anything.   

       steele: I really couldn't care less if you like wasting you time correcting something I've written informally on the net.. that's your choice.. but if you'd like to proof-read my english papers, that would be of some use to me. but as it is right now, your being anal about people's writing on the internet seems a little silly. just a little. was that a real sentece?   

       una: I've had people interpret this nickname thousands of times...and I never get tired of it! some people call my fatty, or bertie, or fatal..but it really doesn't matter, because it isn't my real name! haha! for you, though, I can be FatalBert.
fatalbert, Sep 15 2002

       (Bubba never tires of repeating himself..)   

       I kinda pictured it as a wacky take on SS characters.. much better to be fatal than fat, anyway. I also had a twinge on realising the fat/albert possibility.
yamahito, Sep 15 2002

       Oh, it was an A E R O P L A N E.  No wonder you jumped out.
bristolz, Sep 15 2002

       How many jumps do you have fatalbert? Ever heard of the term 'backslide'? Hope you didn't believe that Law of the Sea Treaty nonsense I wrote.
ty6, Sep 16 2002

       //Hope you didn't believe that Law of the Sea Treaty nonsense I wrote.//   

       I don't seem to recall you saying anything.   

       //How many jumps do you have fatalbert? Ever heard of the term 'backslide'?//   

       you really aren't making any sense...are you on something?
fatalbert, Sep 16 2002

       I'm curious fatalbert, how many jumps do you have?
ty6, Sep 16 2002

       re-word, re-phrase, your question, do anything so that you make sense, 'cause you aren't making any right now. how many jumps do I have? do you mean jumps out of a plane, or what? and what's this law of the sea treaty stuff?   

       can anyone else spot where ty6 mentions this? and can anyone else explain to me what ty6 is talking about?
fatalbert, Sep 16 2002

       To move backwards in a freefall relative to a neutral reference..not always a good thing.
skinflaps, Sep 16 2002

       Fatalbert, after checking the records, it has come to our attention that you sir, have been the unintentional victim of a gross case of mistaken identity, and we can only hope this did not cause undue duress and consternation as it relates to your project. Forthwith, one full croissant shall be acccorded to your account.
ty6, Sep 16 2002

       "Fat Albert" is a typical RAF callsign for a C-130.
8th of 7, Sep 16 2002

now that's an interesting coincidence. thank you, ty6.
fatalbert, Sep 17 2002

       Isn't there a Fat Albert Hall in London . . . ?
bristolz, Sep 17 2002

       The Blue Angels of the Navy have a C-130 they use to haul equipment and personel to their airshows that they call Fat Albert. They mount four JATO (jet assisted take off) pods on both sides of the fuselage, light them and take off down the runway. They are airborn within 500' it seems, and climb out at a fifty or sixty degree angle for about ten seconds before levelling out. Loud and impressive as hell.
ty6, Sep 17 2002

       Not trying to be anal, just trying to prepare and warn. If you look up the frequency of the words 'pedant' or 'pedantry' in the halfbakery search engine and you'll see what I mean. Not that I'm one myself.
RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2002


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