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Xylophone Floorboards

walk a happy tune
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Floorboards, tuned to make glorious tunes from the every day.

Flooring companies that really know where it's at will measure your stride distance and lay them in order to achieve just the right results.

<Strides to door to the woodful tune of Hi-ho Hi-ho it's off to work we go./>

neilp, Jun 08 2012

Prior Art http://en.wikipedia...i/Nightingale_floor
Works by squeaks/groans not percussion. [MechE, Jun 08 2012]


       [bigsleep] I literally had no idea. Title edited.
neilp, Jun 08 2012

       little hammer things attached to the front of your slippers?
po, Jun 08 2012

       [po] - absolutely - the neighbours will love it.
neilp, Jun 08 2012


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