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Yawn Description Jousting

Psychology website for yawn video annotation
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Relatively unconscious gestural communication like scratching an ear when you tell a lie or scratching an arm in the direction of the person in power, is better described as communication along the network composed of individual humans and the various symbiants that share our social space, fungal, bacterial, viral, and combined structures.

Yawning is a similar activity that is relatively unconscious and seems socially and psychologically motivated, but probably involves some kind of symbiotic structure, although I find it harder to imagine what it is.

I have seen videos of a group of lions all yawning simultaneously as they veer away from a "chicken" fight with a group of wildaeasts; and I have regularly experienced yawns in human social situations that closely estimate the lion situation, when a challenge is backed away from. I have a pretty rich experience myself with yawns as I almost invariably trigger yawns in about 80 percent of other people.

I have also noticed in my own experience that the line of sight between my gaze and the yawners throat, even through a covering hand with "casually" splayed fingers, seems to be very important to the transaction in that it always plays a part and I have observed subtle negotiative behavior around this micro second experience.

This visual aspect to it has made me wonder if the symbiant ecosystems that use our yawns to move energy around rely more on light than than ones do that use our scratches. The scratch phenomena is a quick sharp physical feeling that could be triggered by a long fungal cord that might also float in the air as well as something within our own nervous system, whereas the visual connection between the darkness of the throat and the eye seems like it would have to be internal to our nervous system and light- related.

It has occurred to me that yawns present a lot of darkness from the throat in contrast to light shining off the face but without the brightness of the teeth which would signal danger. This could mean that the subject is actually just bored with me and that all of this other stuff about symbiants is just crap.

Anyway, on to the idea.

This is kind of a combination of Rap Genius and YouDescribe: an annotation space for videos only of yawns, and a capacity for crunching the results. So this would allow psychology students from all over the world to collectively annotate yawn videos and correlate other psychological occurrences like body language, scratching, eye contact etc. and the best descriptions or simplest descriptions that connected the most events would rise to the top.

JesusHChrist, Jul 31 2014

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JesusHChrist, Jul 31 2014

       This idea is schizophrenic. You sound frighteningly deep in the grips of more than one disturbing delusion.
WcW, Aug 03 2014

       And you find that unusual?
blissmiss, Aug 03 2014

       First paragraph: description of micro communication networks.   

       second paragraph: establishes yawning as a form of micro communication that may involve microbes.   

       third paragraph: establishes intimate knowledge of yawning that others might identify with.   

       fourth paragraph: humorously describes his method of scientific observation and a refinement of technique.   

       fifth paragraph: speculates at the existence of a symbiant that uses nervous system control and visual ques ....   

       sixth paragraph: seems the idea is trying to make the reader yawn by describing a yawn and writing a scary / boring story using the visual/danger theory for yawning. That was the punchline.   

       seventh paragraph: a website that generates more information about yawning to help understand it better, the methodology of the website is compared to ones I am unfamiliar with, so will assume the methodology is flawed.
rcarty, Aug 03 2014


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