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Thought dance

If you can't sleep on it, dance
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On thinking about speeding up the thought process, one way is to try and speed up the higher logic levels of the mind but this seems evolutionary devoid.

The brain has evolved, in my reasoning, through motion and sensory input passing through the phase of emotions and finally developing a high level, last layer of computational logic. Only overstimulating the last layer, seems to miss the whole picture.

So if there is a logical problem on the mind that seems the solution is just out of reach and all new data input possibilities have been exhausted, my suggestion is to dance wildly.

Wild movement will primarily get blood flowing, increasing metabolic substrates not only supplying nerves but slower hormone and other chemical flow pathways through the brain. Neurons involved in motion will have more to do and this will allow the subconscious to free up partial connected systems to work on said problem.

If at all possible do the thought dance then sleep on it because the full advantage of the slow chemical pathways can then take affect. REM sleep will also add some out of the box thinking. In modern life this is usually not possible as society has semi-rigid times for sleep.

'Is you boss having a fit'. 'No, she's got a complex problem with scheduling'

wjt, Mar 10 2019

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       I assume this is a dance that you know well so requires no thought or concentration? Would running on a treadmill work for those of us who don't want to learn a dance, or will you ignore me while a flail randomly?
scad mientist, Mar 10 2019

       I would have thought that dancing style is different for each individual. But with that said, known exercise is pretty regimented, I would would suggest something more free form especially if it is a very difficult problem.   

       Flailing randomly maybe the best solution for your brain and associated biochemistry, depending on the complexity of the answer you are searching for. You don't have to do it in public if you don't want to.
wjt, Mar 10 2019

       Baked. Have you got a hidden camera in my office?
Sgt Teacup, Mar 10 2019

       Crawling works well.   

       ...and I'm on my knees looking for the answers. Are we human, or are we dancers? You gotta let me know.   

       //as long as the whole body is engaged in performing some form of motion// I often find that sitting on my arse on a rapidly rotating and orbiting planet, with a G&T, seems to work.   

       The above observation ought to allow us to settle once and for all this nonsense about all motion being relative. All we need is for a representative sample of people to sit on a bus thinking (with sufficient G&Ts supplied), whilst the bus drives around in various directions and at different speeds. Whenever they stop coming up with ideas, we'll know that the bus is Really, Really Not Moving.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2019

       [Sgt Teacup] The little light usually gives it away.   

       Passive's good but there's also active. An individual's little way of gripping new and better bus motions yet carved in existence, therefore adding another part to nature's all intraweaving dance play.
wjt, Mar 13 2019


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