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Ye olde shoppinge receipt

Verily, you have gained many clubcard points this day
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By means of a simple mechanical addition to regular shopping tills, a small wooden cylinder could be clipped/glued to either end of a shopping receipt - resulting in a very small scroll.
fridge duck, Apr 15 2009

kinda reminds me when I rolled my own. http://www.rizla.co.uk/
[po, Apr 15 2009]


       - and printed in 'Old English' script.
hippo, Apr 15 2009

       I love this.
nomocrow, Apr 15 2009

       Papyrus or plastic?
phundug, Apr 15 2009

       "Ouch" says the falling trees...yipee says me ++++++
blissmiss, Apr 15 2009

       + there could be a little dispenser within the cash register that held something like lolly-pop sticks and the receipt could be rolled as they are ringing up the items, then ejected as a scroll.
xandram, Apr 17 2009

       Ye olde toothpick? Double duty?
blissmiss, Apr 17 2009

       A small wooden cylinder with a cap at one end and containing M&M's or other random small treats ? Or skip the wood entirely and just use licorice rolls. Now we're talking cutesy, value-add, and environmentally sound !
Hairy Sock, Apr 17 2009

       Hippo, I wouldn't dare have them printed in anything other than Olde Englishe script. As for the eco-nastiness of the idea, I can only apologise and offer to plant a few extra trees.
fridge duck, Apr 18 2009

       //offer to plant a few trees//
How about making the scroll dowel a plantable tree cutting ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 18 2009

       Shouldn't þat be "ÞE Olde Shoppinge Receite"?
nineteenthly, Apr 18 2009

       Eð is good too, but has strict non-phonetic rules for its use. A voiced "th" sound can still be a þorn if þe word is connected etymologically to "þou" or "þe", which means a whole load of pronouns would be spelt wið eð in terms of sound but not so far as þe word origin is concerned. English spelling is heavily influenced by þe history of its words and all of þat lot originally had unvoiced sounds, so þat´s how þey´re spelt. Consequently, eð wasn´t used in English as often as it is in Icelandic or Færoese, as you can see from þis anno.
nineteenthly, Apr 18 2009


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