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supermarket fading lights

the light is at the register
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when the supermarket is about to close, the lights fade out, beginning at the point farthest away from the register, so the cashier isn't required to shout at those arrogant last customers.

darkness prevails.

erlehmann, Jan 25 2008


       Shopping, late....near closing of store...I like that. It calms me.
Blisterbob, Jan 25 2008

       Blister, it calms you?. I can guarantee you that every worker in that store wants to carve you up with their box cutters. Its time to get the fuck out and go home your worthless day has come to an end. The workers want to get out and go drink or smoke their pain away.
Antegrity, Jan 26 2008

       I think it's pretty tricky to dim fluorescent lights. Usually it shouldn't be done. GE has a dimmable compact fluorescent blub, there may be others.
talldave, Jan 28 2008

       The dimmable flourescents seem to only go to 50% before they need to switch off.   

       Maybe you could have motorized covers. Transparent covers with blacklight coating. Across the walls you could paint, 'Leave... leave... LEAVE!'   

       The only grocery store I ever worked in was open 24-hours, except for a half hour where we had to chase everyone out for some reason. But there, it was calming for both workers and the shoppers to work late, near the closing of the store.   

       I think that was the most miserable job I ever had, though. My soul was scarred from that experience.
mylodon, Jan 28 2008

       The darkened portion of the store should have animatronic zombies wandering around, ghostly music, spiders descending from the ceiling, Van der Graaff generators sparking between the chiller cabinets, smoke machines, etc.
hippo, Jan 28 2008

       It seems like I saw this principle applied somewhere, perhaps in Japan...   

       Applying it at a single register? I think it should be implemented at the manager's room.
Inyuki, Jan 29 2008

       I've seen plenty of shops do this.
DrCurry, Jan 29 2008

       I think this idea is about as old as electric lights. We used to do it at the library to get people out. Flash the lights once, give them a few minutes, then start turning them off from the back.
DanDaMan, Jan 31 2008

       Isn't that what they do in prison at "lights out" time? - flash the lights on and off as a warning before they go off for good. Are you sure you're not in prison?
hippo, Jan 31 2008


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