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Year long animated billboard

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This billboard shows a short animation, at the rate of one frame per day. Every night at midnight the billboard scrolls to the new picture, giving daily commuters something new to look at as they go past each day. . A webcam opposite captures each new picture every day, and at the end of the year they can be collated into a short animated film.
simonj, Jun 30 2010

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       How does the billboard scroll? Would you not need a team of precision ninja bill posters?   

       [+] anyway.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2010

       ...as opposed to all those clumsy ninja bill posters
hippo, Jun 30 2010

       The ones with the black gi covered in glue and bits of thick paper ?
8th of 7, Jun 30 2010

       The minimum rate for an animation is about 15 frames a second. This will generate a 24 second sequence in a year.   

       The main problem is that over a period of 15 days, and the creation of each of the single seconds of movement, there will be almost undetectable change in the appearance of the billboard. This means that will actually be very little that appears to be new each day. Having said that, it's still an idea that I like. +
xenzag, Jun 30 2010

       I don't know if it needs to be at 15 frames per second... There are plenty of art-type films which purposely use slower framerates. Anyway, wouldn't part of the appeal be the ability to see the changing landscape around the animation?
Alx_xlA, Jun 30 2010


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