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...so are the days of hour lives.
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Hourglasses within hourglasses within hourglasses within a Grandfather clock, display not only the hours of the day, but the day of the week, the week of the month, and month of the year.

The weight of sand filling one glass opens an aperture in the center of the next.
At midnight New years eve the main glass rotates and the first seconds of the first hour of the first day of the next year begin to trickle.


       But how do you "spring ahead" and "fall back" for daylight savings time?
Canuck, Nov 29 2008


       ...daylight savings time will need to be abolished, as it was supposed to be once the war ended...kind of like Canadian income tax.   

ye_river_xiv, Nov 29 2008

       I like the idea of using a clockwork paired to a hourglass. The clockwork would be regulated by the rotation of the glass rather than by a pendulum. It would act as a calender so the inaccuracy would only be pertinent in the middle of the night. I wants it. (+)
WcW, Nov 29 2008

       Nice. +
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2008

       isn't trickle such a sweet sexy word?
po, Nov 29 2008

       Po, you're odd.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2008

       She's even.
neelandan, Nov 29 2008

       Even odder.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2008

       Depends what you're trickling where, Shirley?
pertinax, Nov 30 2008


//But how do you "spring ahead" and "fall back" for daylight savings time?//

       Since the accumulated error will be at least half a day, running an hour behind or ahead won't be noticed.
ldischler, Nov 30 2008

       odd - such a sweet sexy word.
po, Nov 30 2008

       clocks always seem to bring out the amorous side in animals, even otters.
WcW, Nov 30 2008

       What about odd otters?   

       <imagines>I believe in trickles!... Where 'you from, you odd thing?</imagines>   

       Nope, doesn't quite do it for me. But we're glad you're in a good mood, [po].
pertinax, Dec 01 2008

       //daylight savings time will need to be abolished, as it was supposed to be once the war ended//
The Napoleonic Wars, or the Global Unpleasantnesses 1914-18 / 1939-45 ?
coprocephalous, Dec 01 2008

       plans ruined by the charge of the light brigade.
po, Dec 01 2008

       spring ahead- here's some sand in your eye!! ++
xandram, Dec 01 2008


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