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Zoo Hypothesis Testing

Befuddle the watchers
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Based on this hypothesis, we should broadcast into space such messages as “More peanuts, please”, “Adopt us”, “Help us! We're endangered” or “Free us from gravity”.

Occasionally, “Aha! We caught you watching us”. Hopefully this will provoke some sort of reaction to confirm the hypothesis.

In the event that the hypothesis is wrong, the messages may still get intercepted by an advanced interstellar species who might take pity on the primitives who are obviously short of a gear or two and drop us a goodie or maybe two, or maybe even take us for a joy-ride in their pan-galactic millenium yacht.

baboo, Apr 29 2002


       I'd like to be adopted by a tentacled green alien with a cool yacht please
herilane, Apr 29 2002

       *This assumes that aliens will find us cute, cuddly and worth preserving.
phoenix, Apr 29 2002

       And then they would feed us with biscuits and canned food only, and let us do tricks to get a piece of chocolate
herilane, Apr 29 2002


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