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Star Trek Doors
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A Nine Button Keypad gives people a 1/9 chance of entering rooms. Push middle left and instantly your master bath door opens before you can say "zoor".
Zimmy, Oct 02 2003


       //your master bath door opens//   

       And all the water runs out...
lostdog, Oct 02 2003

       Zimmy divert all available power to shields.   

       For those of us a little less techno-savvy, how about a dumbed down version called Coors. We could have a 1/9 chance of drinking the right beer, and if successful we could gain access to the pisser. If not, well at least we don't have 99 bottles on the wall...
VuDuBlade, Oct 03 2003

       Ever since watching 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' I haven't been able to walk through automatic sliding doors without thinking, 'Whrrrrr.... Thank you!'
RayfordSteele, Oct 03 2003

       Huh? Is this supposed to be secure or something?   

       That 1 in 9 chance very soon escalates to a 1 in 1 chance, because they'll just press every button until the door opens.
waugsqueke, Oct 03 2003

       Maybe after 3 wrong choices the zoor would lock and begin to insult you, your IQ, and your families' history through the house speaker system? Possibly also the keypad could have the "gag lightswitch" system which activated after 4 miscues.
Zimmy, Oct 04 2003

       Oops! The occupant of the bathroom forgot to lock the door. No warning sound of doorknob rattling to give occupant a chance to protest...
Shooter, Apr 05 2005

       Just the ZZZZZZZZZZ of a chain saw/etiquette fourchette through the door in case non-occupant forgot to check if it was unlocked.
mensmaximus, Apr 05 2005


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