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Or, Pachinko Zorb
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Pretty self-explanatory - a giant pachinko building, if you will, hundreds of us on a team, each in our own Zorb, trying to maximize our contribution to the total team score.
globaltourniquet, Dec 19 2007


       What, you want me to write a UnaBubban novella describing the scenario?   

       Very well:   

       There I was, perched atop the pachinko tower in my shimmering sphere, my teammates nodding to one another with the anticipation of the next round of rumbling, tumbling...   

       Awww, who am I kidding, I'm no UnaBubba.
globaltourniquet, Dec 19 2007

       I've seen something like this on a Japanese game show. They used smaller, hard plastic spheres that the contestants had to be folded into. "Clear Sphere of Fear", they called it.   

       I actually saw it on Spike TV, the show MXC, which is really the Japanese show Takeshi's Castle with an American sportscaster commentary dubbed in. I enjoy it and its total lack of safety equipment.
baconbrain, Dec 19 2007


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