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"Ass Glass"

Make sure you're clean and fresh before exiting the w.c.
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Let me start by just throwing out a few words...

Ass tracks, Skid Marks, Sergeant's Stripes, Star Dust, Ass Jam, Rorschach's Revenge, Doo Drops, Wipe Outs, Shit Stains

Get the picture?

OK... Not exactly the most pleasant of problems, but I KNOW that I'm not the only one who is concerned about staying fresh after a trip to the loo. Especially in the summer.

So, I'm proposing a simple device that could eliminate any unsightly residue. Basically, commode lids would be retro-fitted with a slightly angled mirror (The ASS GLASS) so that a person can see what it is that they are cleaning, rather than groping around in the dark.

Please don't hate my half-baked idea because you might find the subject matter a bit off-putting. Thank you.

veryvermilion, Aug 23 2004

http://www.pooprepo...ontent/looking.html http://www.pooprepo...ontent/looking.html
If the mirror was pointed in the wrong direction you might see this! [dobtabulous, Oct 04 2004]


       <subliminal office party tip>also useful for those addicted to xeroxing their behinds</subliminal office party tip>
neilp, Aug 23 2004

       It'll only work until your Lipitor kicks in....
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 23 2004

       //Get the picture?//   

       Yes, and it ain't a pretty one either. [-]
Klaatu, Aug 23 2004

       Dunno. Some motoric skills may take time to fully develop, but I guess that when I was old enough to go to school, I could peform this task without any accessories required.   

       My advice: Practice makes perfect.
shibolim, Aug 23 2004

       man how hard is it to clean your ass... jesus. do you really need a gadget to tell you that you are covered in shit !?!
etherman, Aug 23 2004


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