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"Go to machine" code

For when you're too lazy to talk to someone.
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An extra code appended to a telephone number, which automatically goes through to the answer machine or voicemail, so that the caller can just leave a message without the hassle of actually interacting with someone else.

The phone would perhaps ring briefly to let the recipient know that they have recieved a message.

dbmag9, May 19 2008


       I'd use this with chatty people, when there's not time to talk, but I need to tell them something.   

       Can I also 'go to machine' halfway through a conversation with 'the human' if I should become bored?
theNakedApiarist, May 19 2008

       Like texting, then?
wagster, May 19 2008

       Slightly baked - You can do this on some ansafones, if you know their passkey - my old (1980's?) BT answer machine could do it - Some units come with a remote control (DTMF generator) and have features that let you change recorded messages, and (probably) add a memo. You're right though - this ought to be fully baked by now.
Dub, May 19 2008

       It's baked on some GSM mobile phone nets where it's possible to leave a voicemail for a user without ever callling them.
8th of 7, May 19 2008

Voice, May 19 2008

       wagster: No, like 'voicing' them. Somehow texting feels much more informal than calling (not to mention the fact you can only text mobiles at the moment); this bridges the gap.   

       Voice: The difference is that this code lets you go straight to voicemail, even if the person is around to answer their phone.
dbmag9, May 20 2008

       Baked, they used to call it a "pager".
Spacecoyote, Dec 25 2008


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