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"I am not a mug" certificate

To fast track past insurance sales staff
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I've just been through the same farce which I am obliged to perform every year with my motor insurance. It goes like this: 1) Receive renewal quote which has risen by about 25% from last year. 2) Call for a quote as a new customer. 3) Tell the sales staff I've been quoted (insert figure - last years cost) 4) Finally get insurance at the price it should be.

The idea is that after I've done this a few times, the insurance company could issue a "not a mug" certificate which appears on my policy similar to no claims discount.

In future transactions, any potential insurer knows to skip the high "mug" quote and not to bother trying to sell me breakdown cover, life insurance etc. This would save the company admin time. Participating companies would be more attractive and would certainly get more repeat business.

Twizz, Sep 13 2011

Association of Marketing Survivors Association of Marketing Survivors
AMS - please don't try to sell me stuff [zen_tom, Sep 13 2011]

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       Confused.com? Fnck that - F*ckingLivid.com!   

       Also, may I reference my "Association of Marketing Survivors" idea, wherin any attempt to upsell results in immediate termination of the call. A member's ownership of the AMS would have to be declared at the beginning of the call, with a similar effect to the one being described in the idea (at least the bit about selling extras).
zen_tom, Sep 13 2011

       The object of the idea is very similar to ZenTom's AMS.   

       Insurance companies already have a mechanism whereby the customers insurance record is shared for no claims discount. The idea is to extend this to show that not only am I not a bad risk, but I'm not a mug either.
Twizz, Sep 13 2011

       Strange. Some insurance agencies offer discounts to customers who have been there for over a certain number of years.
ye_river_xiv, Sep 13 2011

       I'm much more of a jelly-jar than a mug.
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2011


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