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"Is that a cat turd on your lapel?"

a nicer alternative microphone for public speakers
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Whilst watching some international newscasters on TV, it seemed that they all had a small piece of cat turd on the lapels of their lovely outfits. Placed in identical positions, each speaker in their respective ‘square’, corresponding across the continents, spouting serious information about such and such, my attention drawn only to the identical turds upon their lapels, could not help laughing out loud.

I would like to design a piece of jewelry to hide these tiny, little microphones or actually, to incorporate the microphone into the piece of jewelry itself. For women, it could be a small flower, or just a single jewel, with the mic right behind it. For men, it could be a leaf design, or again a jewel or crafted piece of metal. Gold, silver, or brass ornamentation like a fleur-de-lis, or small crest would be some of the choices. I imagine one could even use an existing piece of favorite jewelry and have the microphone attached to it without becoming too cumbersome.

It’s possible that some musicians would want to use these, although I would think they might prefer something more outrageous and flashy like sparkly stars or possibly some real dried cat turds.

xandram, Jun 12 2006


       I really don't want to know what you are feeding your cats if they are dropping shiny metallic cylinders with cords.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 12 2006

       Cords? My cats are cordless now.
shapu, Jun 12 2006

       Ironically, my kitty's litter box is replete with bejeweled lapel mics.
nihilo, Jun 12 2006

       Cats don't actually have turds... just ask any cat.
zigness, Jun 12 2006

       Have a bun for the name.
pertinax, Jun 13 2006

       "Is that a cat turd on your lapel? Or are you just pleased to see me?"   

       Somehow, it just doesn't work.
Ling, Jun 13 2006

       i wouldn't be surprised if this was already in use.   

       i've always prefered the old fashioned circular mikes sitting on the desk.
tcarson, Jun 13 2006

       I was surprised that I couldn't find something like this in existance either, unless one made it for themself.   

       ...and I don't let Mike sit on my desk.
xandram, Jun 13 2006

       // Cats don't actually have turds // Thats what they WANT us to think.. which is why they bury it in the flower garden.
MoreCowbell, Jun 13 2006


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