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"Push-up" Ice cream cartons

Gallon tubs with unattached bottoms
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Just like the push-up ice cream treats with the cardboard cylinder, the push-up carton allows you to move the ice cream to the top of the carton.

Not only does this let the carton take up less space in the freezer as the ice cream is consumed, but you don't get sticky hands when you're scrapping the sides and bottom for that last little bit. Furthermore, if the ice cream is too hard to scoop with a spoon, you can push some up and cut it off with a knife.

I don't want to hear about ice cream scoops. If you're so organized that:
a) you have one and
b) know where it is
you're not my target demographic.

phoenix, Oct 28 2003


       Just push the bottom and lick the top, if you're really lazy (and don't know where your spoons are either).
lostdog, Oct 28 2003

       Junk science: the carton won't take up less space in the freezer - the outer cylinder will obviously stay the same size as you push the base up - and you'll still get sticky hands, from the insides of the cylinder as you do that thing. The obvious solution is a squeezy tube filled with soft ice cream.
DrCurry, Oct 28 2003

       what if you collapse the used portion of carton as its being used up ... fold it inward or something ... less frequent "sticky hands" scenario and you reduce space as you use it ...
Letsbuildafort, Oct 28 2003

       Yeah, dammit, I was thinking about curling the bottom edge in as the ice cream was used up but forgot to mention it. Caulk gun, chap-stick and toothpaste versions are good, too.
phoenix, Oct 28 2003

       There are cake tins that have a built-in scraper thing that you spin round after the baking is done. Shake the cake out easy. Would that help?
lintkeeper2, Oct 28 2003


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