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"There's a Fungus Among Us!"

A hilarious sitcom starring 50's Sci-Fi creatures...
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bluefloyd, Jan 10 2001

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       two out of work Sci-fi relics (i'm thinking the Blob and the Purple People Eater) try to share an apartment in New York and survive visits from their old buds... Episode 1: the Blob tries to get the slacker Mothra a job before he eats all of their sweaters... [still looking for backers...]
bluefloyd, Jan 10 2001

       [Admin: bluefloyd, I'd expect you to place text like the above not into an annotation or your user description, but in the per-idea scrolled field that contains the actual text of the idea -- if you're logged in and look at your idea, it should appear at the bottom of the idea. Is there any part of this that doesn't work?]
jutta, Jan 10 2001

       how about -theres a humungus fungus among us!
technobadger, Feb 07 2001


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