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"U" Shaped Water Slide

Wheeeee!!! Whoa....Wheeeeee!!!
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A water slide, designed in a "U" shape, with water running down from both sides. Slightly wider than a normal water slide, with higher edges, to both allow for complicated twisting manoeuvers, and to help prevent nasty falls. At the base, the edges taper off to allow easy exit, and to prevent excessive water accumulation.

Warning: Only use under adult supervision. Please ignore the fact that ladders have been installed on both sides. Do not, under any circumstance, use the "U" shaped water slide to engage in rediculously dangerous chicken fights with siblings. This product is not intended to be used in conjunction with a wakeboard. If used in conjunction with a wakeboard, please do not film the resulting highjinx. If filming the resulting highjinx, please do not send the tape to America's Funniest Home videos. Nobody watches that show anymore.

Overpanic, Nov 19 2003

The "U" shaped water slide http://www.wildrapi.../Sidewinder%203.jpg
I can't believe I found a link for this [SystemAdmin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Six Flags waterparks http://www.sixflags.com/water_parks.asp
Two variations on the halfpip--one as described, and one that's a sort of sideways funnel [5th Earth, Jul 20 2006]


       so it's a slide that goes down, then up again?
luecke, Nov 19 2003

       Exactly!! Normal slides are so blasé.
Overpanic, Nov 19 2003

       this would work good with a frictionless surface. i guess that goes without saying.
SquidInk, Nov 19 2003

       Water doesn't flow uphill, and I'm not sure that people do either.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2003

       J shaped water slide.   

       Wheeeee!!! Whoa....Uh-oh!..Aaaaaaaaaaa...splat!   

       Ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo [screech!] [scrape scrape] [slam!] [screech] Ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo [screech!] ["mumblemumblemumble stat stat stat"] beep...... beep..... beep..... beep......beep..... beep..... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
phundug, Nov 19 2003

       *Both* sides, Dr. C, the water flows down *both* sides.   

       The people, however, will still flow uphill.
Overpanic, Nov 19 2003

       Not with the water pushing against them, surely?   

       (And I got that bit about the water flowing down both sides.)
DrCurry, Nov 19 2003

       There is one of these baked where I used to live at the local waterpark ... but all the searches I try don't have any pictures ... help yourself to a bun because I know its a pretty good waterpark ride!
Letsbuildafort, Nov 19 2003

       I saw on a TV program where a waterslide was built with an uphill section. A good volume of water is pumped through vents (I think) in the bottom of the slide in an uphill direction. Coupled with the momentum that the rider already has, they continue travelling uphill.
half, Nov 19 2003

       I remember a waterpark in New Jersey (Action Park) that had a completely enclosed full-loop waterslide at one time. According to records, it was never finished, as the park was closed down after failing to find any companies willing to continue to insure them. Action park was notorious for its poor safety record. (ever hear of an "alpine slide"? picture a wheeled cart, barely big enough to sit on, with a woefully ineffective brake and no steering, which would carry you screaming (both as a speed descriptive and a vocal action) down a narrow concrete trough on the side of a mountain, with no guardrails, padding, or safety devices of any kind) Just about anyone who grew up in that area in the eighties either has been hurt or knows someone who has been hurt at Action Park. I still wear several scars from that place.   

       The idea of an alternating waterslide is an interesting one, but I think it might be limited by having to wait for the current rider to get off before starting the next rider down.
Freefall, Nov 19 2003

       Wait, are we talking about the overall shape of the length of the track being a "U" or the cross section of the track being "U" shaped? Is this like a downhill water halfpipe type thingy?
half, Nov 19 2003

       No, it's a slide down one side then fly up the other one type of idea.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2003

       If that's true, and the water is coming down from both sides, then it seems like it would be suited for nothing better than the prohibited game of chicken.   

       I worry about the sides tapering off at the base. If that's true, then that's right where you'd likely have the most momentum and be in the greatest need for higher sides. Or maybe I still don't quite get it. Sure wouldn't be the first time.
half, Nov 19 2003

       They have a slide like this at Wild Rapids in Sylvan Lake Alberta, Canada. It's called the side winder, you enter at one side of the "U" and swish back and forth until the magnitude of your oscilations is such that you can stop and exit at the bottom of the "U".   

       At the bottom of the "U" there is a little bit of free standing water that is used mostly to slow you down so that you exit the slide faster.   

       **see the link ****
SystemAdmin, Nov 20 2003

       <closes eyes and gulps> I've just remembered.   

       I've agreed to go down a luge run in February. An olympic one. Reports from people who have been before usually go "Yeah, was great. No one even got hurt apart from that guy before us with his leg bent at 90 degrees at the knee and that girl who trapped her hand between the sled and the ice and mashed it. Don't worry though, they lend you a helmet"   

       What have I done?
squeak, Nov 20 2003

       A ladder at each side, Whoa! this is fun, down one side, Whoosh! up the other side, fly into the air, arms flailing as you try and grab something, anything..No luck, this is where you need the "Base jumping simulator". Yep! freefall, hit the air, fly back up to the top, down the slide, after a while I think "mr bucket" would come in handy, possibly the "auto Sphincter tightener"......
Micky Dread, Nov 21 2003

       [Benfrost] A chicken fight is when two people come towards each other in a rediculous attempt to knock the other one down. The most common examples are chicken fights on monkeybars (where you use your legs to kick and pull the other person off the bars) or chickenfights in a pool (where you get on another person's shoulders and try to knock the other person off their partner's shoulders).
Overpanic, Nov 22 2003

       I only knew of chicken fights played by driving vehicles head-on toward each other.
Tiger Lily, Nov 22 2003

       i was terribly fond of the monkey bar chickenfight... tickling is a wonderful tactic
monk, Nov 22 2003

       My chickens, Edwina and Maude had a fight once, well not really a fight, just a bit of feather fluffing and clucking.
Micky Dread, Nov 24 2003

       "Today on the X-Games... The waterslide halfpipe competition! Will Tony Hawk attempt the trick that nearly cost him his career at last year's competition, the 720 nose-grinder? Will the next generation surpass the living legend? Will the sportscaster ever shut up?"
RayfordSteele, Nov 24 2003

       I've heard of cockfighting, but I've never tried it myself.
FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2003

       //I only knew of chicken fights played by driving vehicles head-on toward each other.//   

       We always called that just "Chicken".
GenYus, Apr 08 2004

       wow a cool idea man!
flexi lexi, Jul 20 2006


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