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"crowd control"

Use infrasound to control groups of people
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Using large, hidden infrasound speakers hidden in stadiums, shopping malls or large meeting spaces. Beam pulsed infrasound at groups of people - not strong enough to create a noticeable effect (like nausea), but enough to increase blood pressure and create slight sensation.

Couple the speaker output with either a political message, a sports game etc. The crowd behaviour goes into a feedback loop as each individual interprets their personal response (shortness of breath, red face etc) as a reaction to the overt stimuli (e.g. the politician on stage) - therefore it would be possible to work the crowd into a frenzy of excitement/anger by increasing the intensity of the message while also slowly increasing the infrasound level.

nzric, Dec 27 2003

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       How Orwellian of you, nzric. I think the dreaded 'they' are already doing it.   

       Once, fully sick of TV, I left my friends at the other end of the basement and went to play with the kids. I heard, in the almost-white 'crowd' noise of the televised game, a very blurred voice-over saying things like, "Isn't this a great game?" and "This is great fun".
GnoLackawitz, Dec 27 2003

       <hands out the cotton wool ear plugs>LaLaLaLaLaLaaLaaLaaLaa</hands out the cotton wool ear plugs>
po, Dec 27 2003

       now that is a very worrying thought but those teletubbies have minds of their own...
po, Dec 27 2003

       I thought that this was reasonably baked by the Bene Gesserit of Frank Herberts 'Dune' books
gnomethang, Dec 27 2003

       ah you are correct - waugs or UnaBubba?
po, Dec 27 2003

       "Infrasound waves at effective levels will liquify a person's bowel contents."   

       Are you proposing some sort of new "fiber ray"?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       does it matter whats in there?
po, Dec 27 2003

       not a new, or a pleasant idea, think they tried this back in 'naam. (see link).
neilp, Dec 27 2003


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