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"lo-jack" for laptop

Laptop locating device
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Fairly simple concept. Embed a cellular phone on a chip in Laptops, with an antennae integrated in the Motherboard. When a Laptop gets stolen, it is reported to the authorities. It's "wake up" code is then sent out over the cellular frequencies, causing the laptop to wake up begin transmitting a locating code, triangulation is use to pinpoint its location.
senatorjam, Sep 28 2002

stolen laptop finder http://www.zeasoft.com/hpgn.shtml
contacts owner via net [pfperry, Sep 28 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

variation on a theme http://www.trackitcorp.com/
[senatorjam, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

New tiny Motorola GPS Chipset http://news.com.com...085.html?tag=fd_top
Maybe a GPS integrated into the laptop to provide location data. [bristolz, Sep 30 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Lojack http://www.lojack.com/foryou/lojack.htm
A "small, silent transmitter" - why not just use an actual lojack? (I have no idea how small they actually are, not having seen one.) [Nick@Nite, Oct 17 2004]


       Senator, I've never had a problem losing mine. I always find it where I left it last...
hollajam, Sep 28 2002

       {pfperry] homing pigeon only works when the computer is connected to the internet, and really only lets the owner know thet their laptop is being used.
senatorjam, Sep 28 2002

       Guess this one is in the oven
senatorjam, Sep 30 2002

       Creating a Small- rugged type lo-jack, in my opinion would be a sure hit. Not just for laptops though, for car stereos, speakers, which incidently were just stolen from my car :(, to any thing of value (construction site tools, pet collars, etc) What commonly stolen items can you think of?
nathan2, Sep 28 2003

       Why not let the notebook just "phone home" with its coordinates when it finds itself in a "strange place"
zigness, Mar 01 2004

       zig, the whole point of a laptop is you carry it with you so what would define a "strange place"
engineer1, Mar 02 2004

       This has since been BAKED
senatorjam, Aug 19 2011

       My Gandmother had her laptop stolen last year and it was easily located by her employer, a government agency that shall remain nameless at this time, by repeatedly pinging the wireless modem. As soon as the pawn shop owner who ended up with it turned it on, they had a location. According to my grandmother, the man was very gracious when the FBI turned up at his door.
Alterother, Aug 20 2011


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