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Nutcracker Laptop

Laptop that can also crack nuts
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Halloween is approaching and it's time to dust off the nutcracker, but why not treat yourself to a new laptop as well?

Enter the Nutcracker Laptop. It's a laptop computer with reinforced hinges, and an extra knurled strip added along both edges, between the screen and the keyboard, that will grip the nuts and break them open when the lid is closed. Keyboard and screen are protected from nut debris by sliding covers, similar to that of a roll- top desk.

Perfect for annnoying/amazing/amusing commuters on the train first thing in the morning.

xenzag, Oct 06 2007


       Can it come with a long handle that plugs in? That way, you could have a USB sledgehammer as a backup.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 06 2007

       //how do you keep the shell fragments from getting stuck between the keys?// "Keyboard and screen are protected from nut debris by sliding covers, similar to that of a roll- top desk." It must be late.....
xenzag, Oct 06 2007

       For literate squirrels.
blissmiss, Oct 06 2007

       Bun for the reinforced hinges alone.
English Bob, Oct 08 2007

       For a minute I thought it was a theft prevention device (in which case how would it work again female laptop thieves?).
Brett-Blob, Oct 10 2007

       Mine does that now.   

       Oh, wait - you mean tree nuts.
elhigh, Oct 10 2007

       After you crack the nuts there could be a gap between the screen and keyboard creating a nut roaster using the heat of the laptop. Chestnuts cracked and roasted PERIOD!   

       This would be a permanent holiday fixture, believe you me.
Marceliss, Oct 11 2007

       Just a plot to make normal computers obsolete.
popbottle, May 31 2013


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