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'Get your jacket - you've pulled'.

Avoid talking for hours to see if the girl/boy is interested in you or not - just look at the colour of the jacket on her bottle.
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You're in a bar - you see a group of girls/boys you like the look of - but your not sure if they are attached or not. The only way you'll find out is to go up to them and chat them up. Even then its not a sure thing, cos after you've bought them drinks and talked for hours, they may say that they are not on the pull (USA: not up for scoring,necking etc) and you've wasted valuable 'pulling time'. This is where the bottle jacket comes in. The bar sells the beer as normal, but you say what colour jacket you want over it. GREEN: Single, definately on the lookout for a date. AMBER: Possibly looking for a date if I meet the right person. RED: No way, leave me alone.

This way you would definately have some indication on how well you'll do when you chat them up. Also, great potential for practical jokes on your mates!

Bantam, Dec 30 2002

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       Don't we have about 30 other ideas like this one in here?
egnor, Dec 30 2002

       PINK? A pink jacket wouldn't be produced. Relationships - whose talking about relationships - this is just a fun thing that helps break the ice. Ideal for Universities, where actually the probability of you marrying someone you met at Uni is 3 to 1, and where do you spend most time at uni..... Anyway UnaBubba, I wish it was teenage lust - but I'm 30, and work in marketing for a brewery!! S'pose I'm just thinking of a way to sell more beer!! Once did this though at a party where everyone wore colour coded stickers - and it went down v well!! (pun intended)
Bantam, Dec 30 2002

       As well as being thoroughly kicked around at the bakery, the idea of colour-coded markers communicating how much of a slag you are has been comprehensively baked by one million and twelve rubbish meat market clubs and student unions the world over. The only original thing here is the shape of the marker: is that enough for the idea to survive?
my face your, Dec 30 2002

       "When will the young ever learn that very few relationships are formed in bars and clubs?"   

       Why, after they've formed a few, of course.
bristolz, Dec 30 2002

       Perhaps if they had colour coding for, "SF looking for a 30+, balding fat bloke"...
liamdelahunty, Mar 03 2003

       Make that 40+
DrCurry, Mar 03 2003

       Baked in real life in gay bars where colored handkerchiefs in various pockets denote not only availability, but a whole host of activities the wearer is interested in.
snarfyguy, Mar 03 2003

       [SG], and you know this because.......
Mayfly, Mar 03 2003

       There's a bar by me in Boston which recently hosted a "traffic-light night" - same system as Bantam described. If you were single and looking, you wore green; if you're only interested in getting drunk and not in getting hit on, red; and yellow was for "shady" people(people with boyfriends/girlfriends, couples, people in "complicated" situations, etc.)   

       But I think this is the sort of idea that's only fun if it happens once in a while, not as standard bar practice.
Overpanic, Jun 27 2003


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