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'Warning! Scientific Content' Tag

Allow users to tag ideas containing a high level of scientific content
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This would allow me to filter them out to avoid stumbling across ideas that go right over my head and make me feel stupid and inadequate.
Alternatively they could be filtered in for the better educated bakers.
MikeOliver, Sep 26 2009


       The "scientific content" tag would be hard to append. To some, a display is black magic. Other's here are on the edge of rocket science or biotech advances.
normzone, Sep 26 2009

       // make me feel stupid and inadequate //   

       But that's the usual motivation for posting the ideas ...
8th of 7, Sep 26 2009

       Is it so bad to run the risk of learning something? [-]
pertinax, Sep 26 2009

       I like a certain level of science, but often read half an idea only to realise I understand less than 50% of the words.
That tends to hinder the learning process! (This is not a criticism of those ideas BTW).
MikeOliver, Sep 26 2009

       I love wading into an idea and annos that I know I'm not going to fully understand.   

       Baby steps Bob.   

       [2fries], you got it. I enjoy reading over my head and parsing what I can of it.
normzone, Sep 26 2009

       I sympathise [MikeOliver]. The issue is not 'scientific content' though. It is the author that has failed to hit the target audience.
Jinbish, Sep 26 2009

       That intense irritation is the feeling of your brain growing stronger.
bungston, Sep 26 2009

       I'm with UB. I think you are allowing the crazies to intimidate you, but tagging is an interesting idea. +
dentworth, Sep 27 2009

       //       There are some, well... one, 'baker who posts scientific-sounding gobbledygook regularly. I simply filtered it out of my HB view because I found the crap it posted intensely irritating.//
Yeah, thanks for reminding me about b-------l. Done
gnomethang, Sep 27 2009


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