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<3 - express it!

Romantic relationships with multiple people in harmony.
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In some cases, the marital life is not entirely satisfying, because one's mate is not that interested in the ideas you are interested in, and making love with other people you like in ordinary way - not an option.

So, here is a way how to keep romantic relationships with people who like each other: Instead of exchanging "genes", exchange "memes" - cultural analogues of "genes".

(I use the word 'meme' here in wider sense by including common experiences, because one's ideas are highly influenced by experiences. For example, exchanging movies and books may create common experiences that lead to similar attitudes, ideology, etc.)

In order to explicitly indicate that the reason you share certain things (memetic items) with another person is influenced by your romantic feelings toward that person, and is shared with that intent of "making love in form of exchange of 'memes' rather than 'genes'", use the "<3" symbol in front of your message.

Baked? Maybe, but the "<3" symbol is highly ambiguous. This is an idea of its special use with a very concrete intimate meaning.

Inyuki, Jan 13 2012

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme
Meme described. [Inyuki, Jan 13 2012]

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...mbol)#Computer_code
Alternative forms of the heart symbol. [Inyuki, Jan 13 2012]

"Enjoy Good, Clean Memetic Sex" http://goo.gl/03y1M
Related: In the book "Mind performance hacks", by Ron Hale-Evans, the idea of memetic sex is well elaborated. [Inyuki, Feb 11 2012]


       //You're too weird for me. I'm leaving you// 100% [marked-for-tagline]
pocmloc, Jan 13 2012

rcarty, Jan 13 2012

       // ~o //   

       This is supposed to be a symbol of spermatozoon..! I guess.
Inyuki, Jan 13 2012

       Coincidentally, the Halfbakery tagline that showed up while I was reading this was, "No, not THAT kind of baked." I'm thinking in this case the tagline was wrong.
Psalm_97, Feb 11 2012


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