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[8thof7] "manual" windshield wiper

What it should have been...
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[8thof7] is strapped on the hood of the car.

The car computer is wired to the borg processors. (anti virus software and nano blockers in place.)

One arm is replaced by a wiper type structure.

When you put on the windshield wiper [8thof7] is electrically compelled to start wiping.

Tiny cute kittens are allowed to play on the dashboard.

(calm down borg, or I will make an assimilation of this idea and that recent asswipe rag cleaner idea and send you to the guy who loves wiping his ass so much)

zeno, Aug 17 2011


       I am required by my personal code of honor to bun this idea. My only regret, as the Halfbakerism goes, is that I have but one bun to give, else I would repeatedly bun the last paragraph until my throwing arm grew numb. [+]
Alterother, Aug 17 2011

       A little unsporting...   

       //I would repeatedly bun the last paragraph until my throwing arm grew numb//   

       On the other hand it did bring up the notion of autobunning mechanical arm as opposed to the Autoboner...   

       There's an entire Dark Knight film plot in there somewhere..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 18 2011


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