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[N] Horse Town

Should I stop here for a while, or put my foot down?
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There are independent rating systems available for various aspects of public life: restaurants, hotels, etc., based on a "the more [blobs], the better" arrangement.

I propose a similar rating system for towns:
One horse: Keep going, stranger, there's nothing for you here.
Two horses: You can probably risk stopping for petrol. If you're quick.
Three horses: Mostly harmless.
Four horses: The population will welcome you.
Five horses: The population will welcome you with open arms, cook you a three course meal and polish your car while you eat it (the meal).

The ratings would be allocated by a combination of public votes and continual assessment by independent inspectors.

How many horses does /your/ town have?

Moved to public:information with thanks to Detly.
English Bob, Jan 08 2004

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       Interesting idea. I suspect that the reaction of the population to a visitor will depend on the visitor. E.g. in Edinburgh they are very friendly and the city would register as a 4.5 Horse town - to anybody except an English visitor who will encounter a mixture of welcome and hostility during his/her visit - averaging out to about a 3 horse town. Likewise there are probably issues with a Serbian visiting a town in Croatia, or a black football-supporter visiting anywhere in Eastern Europe (etc).
dobtabulous, Jan 08 2004

       Maybe a set of multipliers, or offsets.
Detly, Jan 08 2004

       what would be the horses for a town that will welcome you with open arms...unless you don't like their football team, are from texas, or have a mohawk..then they will kill you in an instant??
babyhawk, Jan 08 2004

       [dag] that sounds like my kind of town. Where's it located?
Klaatu, Jan 08 2004

       "Hey honey - Tel Aviv has a five horse rating, but I can't find them listed at the Tehran Charter Bus Company..."
Detly, Jan 08 2004

       "Due to the opening of Joe's Horsemeat Bar in 57th Street, Smallville has been relegated to a 3 Horse Town."
PeterSilly, Jan 09 2004

       [dag] and [humanbean], thanks. I *was* hoping that semibakers would be inspired to add to the category listing. Do I hear 7? -1, anybody? Curiously, those are the scores on this idea right now.

I hadn't thought about the football team / ethnic origin / religion / politics / choice of computer platform problems. I'll have to think about that. A series of symbols meaning such things as "except for Protestant Mac using Englishmen who support Arsenal and vote Conservative" might be a very long list, and difficult to recall in the heat of the moment...
English Bob, Jan 09 2004


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