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a sound car

tiny vehicle that drives circles on the a record, playing the recording.
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This little (slightly larger than a matchbox car) with soft, record cleaning and replaceable tires plays the record by driving in circles. Sound is transmitted by Bluetooth to amplifiers and/or Bluetooth speakers. Buffering is used so vehicles speed can translate waveform to correct speed. Reversing is allowed.

The needle protrudes from a side to side underneath slot to allow the car more flexibility in cornering. The vehicle is powered by a inductance from a platter under the record but for short plays, small internal Li batteries via USB charging can be called on.

Cars form come in Formular1, CAT Grader, Electioneering van and K9

wjt, Sep 28 2019

how big is big? Big_20Vinyl
Can it be driven on? yes it can. [wjt, Sep 28 2019]

Like this? https://www.youtube...watch?v=rZZ5x80h3B4
[MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 29 2019]

TIme for an upgrade. Sound_20Car_20For_20CDs
[doctorremulac3, Sep 29 2019]


       Cool idea though even if baked. Very out of the box.   

       At least I thought of record care.   

       I wonder if [xenzag]'s would be a an antique gramophone with hidden wheels.
wjt, Sep 29 2019

       It's totally baked, and called "record runner". It usually takes the form of a VW camper van. I can recall my excitement at drawing up this idea, and contemplating the various vehicles that could accommodate the required power unit, amplifier and pick up. Prior to going any further, I did some research and to my dismay realised that I wasn't the first person to have this idea, as there it was, fully developed and available. Sorry wjt, but this is 100% baked and you should delete it.
xenzag, Sep 29 2019

       This idea uses Bluetooth and the vehicle can be much smaller with the electronics of today. In fact this idea is more of a novelty record cleaner with a needle, that happens to log and send the track as a sound file.   

       But is that enough difference?
wjt, Sep 30 2019


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