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account evaporation

slowly, without promotion, delete those that don't want to leave their say.
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Search your own annotations and delete or edit any orphaned references to named account references that don't exist. Maybe a script could search annotations and reference one periodically, to be edited. This means a bit of checking would also be incorporated and a celebration of the ideas wanted to be left.

This removes the ability of a null or void being able to allow someone to gain remembrance kudos . Out of sight out of mind and no longer important.

I hope I'm right but even indifferent or painful statements are more deserving of memory triggering.

wjt, Jan 22 2018

But what about .... 21_20Answers
[normzone, Jan 22 2018]


       .. sounds like editing the archaeological record- and where will it end? What fun is damnatio memoriae for the future if there are no breadcrumbs left
DDRopDeadly, Jan 22 2018

       // where will it end? //   

       In a Memory Hole in an obscure back office of the Ministry of Truth ...
8th of 7, Jan 22 2018

       Precisely [of],   

       Having said that, ( and this may seem to contradict my earlier comment) if you’re determined to change the records, let’s do it properly. Sometimes obliterating people leaves more traces, like obliterating a spelling mistake with tippex, instead of changing that erroneous ‘o’ to an ‘a’ by adding a little tail.   

       I’m thinking of all those Stalin-era photos where people got evaporated from the picture, only to leave an inexplicable shadow on the furniture or a baby* or briefcase* they happened to be holding levitating in mid-air. I always thought they could have just added moustaches/long hair/glasses to the original and said it was a different person. (Who was going to argue?)   

       So, as applied to hb just make some new accounts, ideas, personnas and make sure their ideas and annos fit neatly and logically into the conversations concerned.   

       * more fake history
DDRopDeadly, Jan 22 2018

       Is there a reason for this ?
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2018

       Deleted accounts might still exist at the copies of the HB that are saved (random intervals) at archive.org
Vernon, Jan 22 2018

       [normzone] Italics could set apart the fanciful archaeological rewritings and subtle digs.   

       [Vernon] It doesn't have to be wrote, that wouldn't be in the sentement of the Bakery.   

       The only problem with this place is that it is whimsical, an annotation can be on point or a million miles away, that's why orphaned say is so darn annoying. If it was like the archaeological record, fact resting onto fact, it would be only another fair curve.   

       Deletion or infill, repairing the holes is the only way to go.
wjt, Jan 24 2018


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