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active users

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a page with the name of every user who has posted something within the last month sorted into alphabetical order...

very usefull if I want to look at someones profile without searching through thier ideas...

also it could have a counter at the top showing the current number of active users...

RobertKidney, Sep 04 2001

Active users view https://www.halfbak...th:t=Active_20users
Cannot eliminate an entry per each annotation or idea though [pashute, Aug 06 2020]

Active inveors list https://www.halfbak...:t=Active_20inveors
More interesting list of users who created inves (halves of inventions) [pashute, Aug 06 2020]


       I don't want you or anyone coming to this site and looking at my profile just because my name can be clicked on. Too many of us have our email addresses and websites on there. Look at my profile because you like or dislike something I've annotated or thought of, not because I seem to be an active user. Fishbone for you.
lewisgirl, Sep 04 2001

       yes but I'm the sort of sad person who clicks on everybodys profile when I get board... also anything you write on your profile is obviusly going to be looked at by people... still I supose it could be inviting to junk mailers...   

       how about if you had the option of making your name unclickable from that list so that it is there for completeness but wont allow people to randomly click on your profile?
RobertKidney, Sep 04 2001

       Is it me or is your sanity starting to go? I mean you didn't even show me your pyjamas...
RobertKidney, Sep 04 2001

       lewisgirl: //I don't want you or anyone coming to this site and looking at my profile just because my name can be clicked on.//   

       Yeah, but one may currently 1. do a search on your username and get to your profile chop-chop; 2. click on the siggie on any of your annotations or ideas and get there also very chop-chop.   

       If you're worried about security it might be good to get a dummie email account that is used for things like this. I don't bother but that's just because I haven't been burned. Yet.
Dog Ed, Sep 04 2001

       I figured there must have been a prior idea similar to what I was thinking about. This is as close as I could get. I was reading some stuff by that [Basepair] - good stuff. And I wondered: am I just not halfbaking enough to catch new Basepairisms (doubtful) or has there really been a long hiatus. And that [rayfo] character - amazingly prolific, but when did it end? It would be interesting to have not a list of activity, but a squib on the user profile stating the last time some sort of posting came from that user.
bungston, Dec 12 2005

       Using the views, you can show users, sorted and filtered by date.   

       C link.
pashute, Aug 06 2020


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