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adding to the art

in an art gallery with installations /peices put together
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a game to go to an art exhibition and try to place /an/ extra thing[s] amongst the other sculptures by having pockets containing bits of art in a similar style to smuggle onto a shelf[or onto a wall for a small sculpture or a picture - probably a small picture ,with something to stick it to the wall] when not being watched by staff; also not painting on existing artworks ,so as not to get into big trouble with the gallery

and see if anyone notices ,or thinks its part of the art probably in a modern art gallery

technobadger, Feb 01 2002


       take a group from my school, they will leave 1/2 packed lunch, a piece of bubblegum on the shelf, their homework, sniffy remnants of swimming gear, one silly hat, love letter to blissmiss, applecore, length of string, pokemon cards, picture of sven goran erriksen (england wunderful maneger), can of diet pepsi, absence letter excuse note, chocolate bar, sick bag and tissues and one glove.
po, Feb 01 2002

       Add arms to Venus?
Slide the Thinker something to read?
Give Mona a moustache?
phoenix, Feb 02 2002

       make Tracy Emin's bed
po, Feb 02 2002

       Take 100 identical cans of Campbells Soup...
thumbwax, Feb 02 2002

       adding [another] or -more- art to the exhibition, not what phoenix said;should i have made this more clear?
technobadger, Feb 02 2002

       Right, so whomever and whomever else takes a bunch of cans of soup and make them 'part' of the pieces - if not a separate entity unto themselves; say you slyly arrange the whole assembly... have a somewhat dimwitted whomever say "ooh, look - free soup!" - someone else in undercover entourage quite snootiloudly says 'That's not soup! That's Art!' - "Soup!" - 'Art!'... could cause a riot. Everyone loves Art Riots.
thumbwax, Feb 02 2002

       I've heard about people doing this as a prank in various galleries - moderns sculpture may particularly lend itself to this, although people have also stuck pictures they've drawn up on the wall. A friend of mine at university claimed to have left an umbrella in an artistically significant position in a gallery, but he may have been covering up for losing it.   

       It's kind of hard to google for this, although I did find out that:   

       1, men take more time for lunch and coffee breaks than woman working the same jobs,   

       2, (from CNN.com) '1957 -- In a program titled "Seven New Dances," dancer Paul Taylor and his partner "perform" a piece called "Duet," in which neither move at all. As its review, one newspaper runs a blank box.',   

       3, the catholic church didn't forbid abortion till 1869,   

       4, the Scandinavian Institute for Comparative Vandalism wasn't anything to do with breaking things,   

       5, there's more people willing to draw pictures of your dogs than your children,   

       6, theft of cemetary ornaments is a big problem in Texas and elsewhere.   

       Sorry. Baked, but unprovedly so, the worst of all possible worlds.
pottedstu, Feb 02 2002

       There's a contemporary artist who does something roughly opposite to this. His installations are masses of individually wrapped pieces of candy spread out on the floor. There's a sign that invites visitors to take a piece of candy from the "art" and eat it. Eventually the whole thing disappears.   

       I know this sounds like just another example of stupid scam modern art, but I've seen two different installations by this artist (don't remember his name, though), and one of them in particular, in the Art Institute of Chicago, was one of the most moving and memorable pieces I saw that day.
beauxeault, Feb 02 2002

       he nicked that candy thing from our own blissmiss
po, Feb 02 2002

       There were a couple of Japanese performance artists, I understand, who had a pillow fight on Tracy Emin's bed in the Tate. Apparently she was quite miffed about them 'ruining' her installation. Poor dear.   

       Croissant, anyway.   

       (How about putting a cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and a copy of the Sun newspaper on top of that big pile of bricks? Would need to be placed by someone dressed as builder, replete with hard hat and bum cleavage.)
Guy Fox, Feb 02 2002

       Tom Green did this on an episode of the Tom Green Show. He sticks up a painting of his own in a modern art museum, and then shocks people by adding some finishing touches with a black permenant marker.
dangerousdan, Feb 06 2002

       I saw the same thing in Siena, beauxeault (it's probably easy to be profilic in the medium of candy). In the same place there was at least one set of cubby holes full of junk from other people's pockets, which you were free to take and replace with your own. Which is sort of like this idea with the fun kicked out of it.   

       There're (similarly baked) parallels in other media, too. I guess Alan Sokal is still the hoaxing champ in the world of print -- maybe he'll move into this area, and also dance, in an attempt to unite the belts.
Monkfish, Feb 06 2002

       When I get extra copies of my bands' CDs, I like to put a sticker saying "free" on them and sneak them into record stores.
snarfyguy, Feb 06 2002

       I went through MacDonalds drive-thru and ordered with a ridiculous a.k.a. sylvester the cat accent: I'LL HAFF THA CWISPY SHIKKEN SHANWISH...." -"Pardon?" repeat -The window clerk is now trying to muffle her laughter... good fun all around!:-)
shelley, Jul 20 2002

       Two sheets of construction paper, one black and one white, with the Half Bakery logo in the middle. Name it after the site and see how many people recognize it because they've been to this site.
canitbee, Jul 21 2002

       I don't know what it is about the Mona Lisa's moustache.. 1760 Google hits!
pfperry, Jul 21 2002


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