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affirmation cereal

Loves you the universe calm are now
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A cereal made up of actual entire words, a little like alpha- bits, that form random affirmations in the bowl. Sometimes Loves/you/the/universe/calm/are/now looks like the universe loves you you are calm now from a particular angle.

Instructions on the package say to concentrate on the sentences you like.

Other versions available, a little like magnetic poetry for breakfast.

beanangel, Oct 17 2018


       If multiple digit cheerios are too much trouble the words could be printed on flakes.
beanangel, Oct 17 2018

       Love/your/new/calm/idea, beanie.
blissmiss, Oct 17 2018

       My Cheerios tell me 'ooooooooooo' and sometimes if I'm lucky 'coooooo'. I choose to take it as affirmation.
AusCan531, Oct 18 2018

       I would buy and consume this breakfast food and an opposite version of it.
vfrackis, Oct 18 2018

       To steal a tagline:   

       "You're cereal, yes you are..."   

       "This morning my breakfast cereal said 'Dessicant Silica Gel: Do Not Eat'."
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2018

       I wouldn't be surprised if a cereal company would try this. It's very clever.   

       How about printing messages on noodles? You'd have to spend a little time twisting and turning your fork but that might even be kind of fun. Could also print messages on different layers of various foods. Break off a bit of chocolate, a piece of cake and read the next message.   

       Reading and eating have been going together for a very long time. Reading the paper at breakfast, a book at lunch etc.   

       Really clever B.
doctorremulac3, Oct 19 2018

       Excellent idea. You could also sell a 'paranoia' version of this, where words carefully calculated to engender paranoia would surface in your cereal bowl.
hippo, Oct 19 2018

       Much better than my idea... I would have just made digits from 0 through 9, so every bowl I poured would have a cereal number
lurch, Oct 19 2018

       [+] yes Also can there be some edible polar molecular coatings to orientate the yummy words into the delicious sentences, or just crossword patterns, on the milk surface.
wjt, Oct 27 2018

       This could become a competition for status, like 19th-century Europe taking pieces of Africa, inspiring a wholely new kind of food fight.
4and20, Oct 27 2018


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