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all clear

A medical check that also searches for contraband.
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"Well, while you're there, how's my prostate?" I tentatively asked the search professional.
wjt, Aug 25 2015


       I have trouble enough trusting a qualified medic to give an opinion on what's there. There's no way I'd trust the pronouncement of your average customs official.
Tulaine, Aug 25 2015

       "Would you like to change your foodstuff declaration status to include this corn?"
RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2015

       This is creepy even for you, [wjt]. Just creepy. EEwww.
blissmiss, Aug 25 2015

       creepy [+]
Voice, Aug 25 2015

       Cavity searches should already be done by a independent medical professional but why stop there with just a small set of examinations. A free thorough medical exam would offset any high ground indignation and would be a bonus if something was caught early.   

       For all the pendants, is concurrent correct?
wjt, Aug 26 2015

       Hard to say inside of a sentence fragment.   

       However, "your" is definitely amiss.
lurch, Aug 26 2015

       Concurrent means "happening at the same time as", it doesn't necessarily imply a relationship. You really want "happening as part of". I come up with "ancillary", but I'm not entirely certain that's a perfect choice either.
MechE, Aug 27 2015

       [lurch] Better? [MechE] /ancillary/ I was hoping for a word with a more singular association.
wjt, Aug 28 2015

       //search professional// I am definitely putting "colonoscopy SEO" on my resume.
lurch, Aug 28 2015


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