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aluminum can thermometer

How cold is that can anyway?
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I think soda manufacturers should use a temperature-sensitive strip that would be attached to or an integral part of the aluminum can. I have in mind the forehead temperature strips that show an approximate range by what color is visible, or else the disposable mouth thermometers (nextemp brand) that has kind of an array of dots and whichever ones are green corresponds to the appropriate temperature. The cans should show several temperature ranges, and rather than showing actual numbers (in deg. F or C) it would give ranges like (too warm, room temp, slightly cool, chilled, frosty, almost-frozen-get-it-out-of-the-freezer-before-it-explodes).

This could be useful in knowing not only how cold your can really is (like if it's in a store's glass case - which ones did they just put in there?), if it's about to explode in the freezer, or if it got too hot and should no longer be drunk with high expectations for the taste (ie gas stations selling 12-packs and leaving them out in the hot sun for weeks at a time). The too-hot can indicator would be a permanent one.

I think the color-change technology is cheap, so this could easily be implemented, at minimum for a promotional time.

As an alternative, the strip could be made to be something that you could buy a 12-pack of, and they could stick to cans indefinitely, you'd just have to remember to remove them before recycling (!) the can.

rwagaman, Jun 26 2000


       I belive Coca Cola has a vending machine that will raise or lower the price of the can of soda depending on the ambient temperature. I have yet to see one but how would I know if I did, I love Coke and pay the price.
mika_ranta, Jun 27 2000

       This has already been done! About 7 years ago, one of the two big cola manufacturers made an area of the plastic lable on 2l. bottles like this, so you could see if it had cooled down enough in the refrigerator-Mine never worked though!
philosphus, Jun 27 2000

       i'd like the whole durn can to color-change. i'm not so fond of most soda manufacturers designs anyway. a full, cold, damp can could have a different graphic than an empty dry one. sort of peekaboo, risque soft drinks.
reebob, Jun 30 2000


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