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an advisor/supporter for purchasing cheap items with best quality

invest in top rare quality items that are very cheap.
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you may call them product support manager, everyone should hae them, they can give adivse over the phone/pc etc.

they will do research on products/product to give you the best item you are looking for.

to improve you life as minimalist.

ti create something affordable, if its not something you can buy, then they care communicate with others for right purpoes n goals.

they will give tips and ideas, they will be paid 10 dollars per week, as this is a part time/hobbywork.

it will help many people spend wisey to understand scams.

as i have wasted so much on things both expensive and cheap, they all/mostly have the same quality= crap!

they dont do their intended purpose/cant be used in a way i need it too.

i had an old radio, i wanted to know why volume button wasnt working properly, he said its something to do with connectivity of plate because its been worn out, does not have good conducting plates.

idk if thats the word, but yeah in my mics n headsets, the conductors DO not work properly, I always get static and buzzing .I get a scratching noise when i turn jack around.

it has to do with bad design and compatibility.

i do not know why they do not want people to have good /decent productivity of devices and accessories, but I do know that this has to be solved, we need more support and proper action against scams and broken things, to make things easier to fix. alot of answers cannot be answered on google, I have tried fixing my problems with mic n stuff, my jack for my laptop is broken, so I hope using a usb port instead will work, I have already wasted so much on items online, its not funny.

i need support, every like me does, and we need change now, nothing is working as it should.

so my idea is create a platform, find certain people to create opportunitys for improving small problems, because often these small problems can block path to success.

I have some good things, less good than i want, I wish I had nearly good things, rather than just easily breakable items.

maybe this idea has already been created, I do not know, but I would still like this to be a thing.

they would compare and check most sources and rating for a product. an info you need, they are you best personal assistant, better than cortana and siri and google home etc.

these people should be volunteers as well. I mean there could be pros who would like to join, but they must not advertise and must not make people pay, since they are a pro they will have to do live streaming and question/answer sorting, premade answers.

anyways thats another idea for another time.

soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

Pot cleaner https://www.amazon...._i=B00006LVEU&psc=1
(short for potentiometer) [doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021]

But, its Canadian dirt, so it’s exotic. https://www.nbcnews...irdest-mlm-rcna6950
Seriously… [RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2021]

Which Magazine https://www.which.co.uk/
exhaustive testing to produce reviews and reports on just about every product in common use. [xenzag, Dec 03 2021]

For [Voice] https://www.google....BAg&sclient=gws-wiz
If you want to do that... [neutrinos_shadow, Dec 05 2021]


       I tend to agree with the sentiment here, the problem is - and this is the problem that is yet to be solved - is how do you make the creation/provision of good quality products at non-exclusive prices motivationally viable?   

       If two self-interested people are given one of two possible options to evaluate:
i) create crap and sell lots of it at a profit or
ii) create something of quality and sell it at an accessible price

       If both people are already economically secure, with a roof over their head, and no worries about the long term future, chances are, they might opt for version ii).   

       While if either person needs money now, or believes they may do in the future (for whatever reason, be it immigrants, failing states, war, famine or pestillence) then as self-interested individuals, they're more likely to go for option i)   

       The problem to solve is how do you get more people to opt for version ii)?
zen_tom, Dec 02 2021

       well I have a budget of 30 dollars, i think 100 dollars/anything above 30 dollars is asking too much for a product that might be crap.
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       the one way is to get sponsored.   

       another way is to get in contact with social services.social worker.   

       join a group, a small group. create a small event,team.   

       have to start small before going big, however it is alot harder now because of restrictions during this pandemic.
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       //they will be paid 10 dollars per week//   

       Dirt cheap labor isn't really an idea. Neither is the rest of this.   

       // create a platform, find certain people to create opportunitys for improving small problems, because often these small problems can block path to success.//   

       This has the seeds of an idea, but it needs to be grown, harvested, ground, mixed with oil, and put into the oven.
Voice, Dec 02 2021

       If you pay me $30 I will tell you if a given product is crap or not.
pocmloc, Dec 02 2021

       It's kind of strange. Many people will tell you for free but almost no one will tell you for $10 per week
Voice, Dec 02 2021

       The scratching sound when you twist the mic or headphone plug in the jack or adjust a volume know is probably due to the connection being dirty or just not pressing together correctly. Sometimes if you twist it several times to establish a better connection and knock the dirt off the touching parts the crackling sound goes away.   

       Used to own recording studios. Noisy connections were part of the deal, no matter how expensive the equipment was. One mixing board cost me a quarter of a million bucks, and that was 30 years ago and it still made noise sometimes.   

       They also make spray cleaner for dirty electronic connections. See link.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       Or you could pay hundreds of dollars for dirt…
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2021

       Hey, if it's natural it's gotta be good for you. Nature doesn't make things that aren't healthy to eat. Because it's like, natural 'n stuff.   

       Name one thing nature created that isn't healthy for you to eat.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       Hey, [soniiiety]; we love your enthusiasm but, as [a1] said, read the help file.
pertinax, Dec 03 2021

       //Name one thing nature created that isn't healthy for you to eat// myself
pocmloc, Dec 03 2021

       read help file is too big for me, not that i cant read, just too long, i am busy, i can only multitask on a few things. if you want, you could help me on discord it woukd be way faster, as my reading is slow for those kinda bad formats digeridoo#2974   

soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       So here's how this looks: you have the time to write a few thousand words which you'd like us to read, but you don't have the time to read a similar number of words which constitute the ground rules of this community.   

       Do you see the problem there?
pertinax, Dec 03 2021

       Just checking - so the idea here can be summarised as "a person gives consumer advice to another person, either for money or on a voluntary basis" - is that right?
hippo, Dec 03 2021

       ues that is correct, well mostly hippo.   

       also pertinax you are being forceful.   

       I am busy alot, and thinking problems, i try to read rules, i will try to do right by guidelines, i am not perfect!   

       i need support.i want to be accepted please give me a chance, i think differently than most peoplewho would have done as you said
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       please give me a chance, i want to learn and share thoughts, i want to be able create connectivity/unity.   

       im not accepted in most communitys because of shadow ban.
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       yeah, i want ti be here, i believe i have right, i believe i am following most/needed/basis rules, ofcourse i dont know everythinh
soniiiety, Dec 03 2021

       "shadow bun" sounds like a kind of euphamism for a stinky old bone!
pocmloc, Dec 03 2021

       Don't stress soni, you're welcome here and you're doing fine.   

       You'll learn the ropes with time.   

       Have a bun. [+]
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       Difficult it is, but worth it.   

       Behind most things that you're currently afraid of or limiting yourself to, (besides other things that will obviously kill you) are opportunities for growth waiting for you to find them.
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2021

       See soni? Nice people here that support each other.   

       And don't feel bad about people throwing bones, I get them and "marked for deletions" all the time. Comes with the territory.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       Baked and widely known to exist in uk anyway (link) and I'm sure there are equivalents in other places. Instead of trying to come with "sensible" ideas, why not venture into the nonsense department? Cactus Juggling? Chainsaw Carwash? Sand Dune Moving Race? Balloon Bursting Competition?
xenzag, Dec 03 2021

       //"a person gives consumer advice to another person, either for money or on a voluntary basis//
I was asked by a child (one of my own) if I liked my job. When I responded "fuck no" I was then asked "What job do you want, then?" I gave it some thought. I want to be a suggestions consultant. The model is that you come and talk to me about anything at all** and I tell you what I think you should do / say / buy / sell / fuck / marry / kill / etc. £50 for 25 minutes where the customer tells me the issue and I give them an answer. Then a wee five minutes for a wee and then back to the next customer. e.g.

       Customer: Hello, should I buy this red dress or this blue dress? It is for a party with the second cousin of the Earl of Nottingham.
me: The blue one, that will be £50 thank you.
me: *does a wee*

       I may, other times, ask questions, e.g.   

       Customer: I have a terrible secret on my conscience, and I want to know if I should tell the police?
Me: What is the secret?
Customer: I murdered someone
Me: you should tell the police, that will be £50 thank you.
Me: *does not do a wee because I just did one*

       What I am saying is that the Suggestion Consultant concept covers what soniiiety (hi soniiiety! (Bing Crosby is no Cary Grant)) is proposing and them some.   

       ** we may have to exclude heavily regulated areas like financial and medical advice but there's plenty of under- regulated areas where people clearly don't know what they're doing (e.g. Westminster), so I don't think I would be boxing myself in too much.
calum, Dec 03 2021

       //Instead of trying to come with "sensible" ideas, why not venture into the nonsense department? Cactus Juggling? Chainsaw Carwash? Sand Dune Moving Race? Balloon Bursting Competition?//   

       Agreed. This site is as much about art as it is about "state of the art".   

       And keep in mind, some of the most heavily boned ideas have some of the most interesting conversations attached to them.   

       Think of it as a coctail party with a bunch of mad scientists.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       //why not venture into the nonsense department?// - because nonsense is too easy; you need to hit that sweet spot between nonsense and eminently practical - ideas which lure you in with their practicality and reasoned argument, each step following on logically from the last, and the need for the idea and the benefits it will bring being carefully set out, and yet the idea as a whole flashing with 'Danger' signs and warning lights as to the innumerable reasons why no one would ever be so stupid as to implement it.
hippo, Dec 03 2021

       I don't think the poster is ready for that yet, but may be lead gradually forward with a trail of welcoming breadcrumbs instead of posting ideas that are going to attract bone parades, so I presented some example types.
xenzag, Dec 03 2021

       Practically brilliant or brilliantly impractical, as long as it's interesting.
doctorremulac3, Dec 03 2021

       [calum] I think 25 minutes is too long, encourages engagement, and possible repercussions. 2 minutes is probably about right, focusses the mind. Also £50 for 2 mins gives a better hourly rate.
pocmloc, Dec 03 2021

       //What job do you want//   

       breast inspector
Voice, Dec 04 2021

       [Voice]; well, "mammography technician" is a thing...
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 05 2021

       //I think 25 minutes is too long, encourages engagement, and possible repercussions. 2 minutes is probably about right, focusses the mind. Also £50 for 2 mins gives a better hourly rate//
My (real world) charge out rate is already absolutely unconscionable, and it's not even one third of £1,500ph. £100 an hour for having a chat and a wee is designed to deter people who don't have money to waste from wasting their money, while making it seem like a bargain to those who do. I suppose I could veblenise it... Hm. My other concern is that the issues I will be called to weigh in on will be uniformly and agonisingly bourgoise. I may do pro bono suggestion consulting in the street, after a few beers. Anyway.
calum, Dec 05 2021

       i feel like i would choose to make ideas for my resonance.   

       i might create something a bit funny and fun, or i shall stick to what is my goals and purpose.   

       as long as i try to have creativity to improvise, then thats good for me.
soniiiety, Dec 06 2021


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