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angled reflective mulch or PV lights directed at grain awns

it is possible that preferentially illuminating Awns or upper leaves of cereal plants could heighten sugars to the grain kernel, causing more grain to grow
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At an agricultural university, they are pleased when annually they get over 1% greater yield from breeding

it is possible that PV lights, like photovoltaic pathlights, could function during the daytime to put light on the green grain awns (or upper leaves) causing sugars to accumulate right near the growing grain kernel, causing it to grow larger. I wildly imagine a 5-10% yield improvement!

now, reflectorized mylar mulch has been discussed at the .5b The thing is, what if it were angled or positioned to favor the green awns or upper leaves? That might also be beneficial

beanangel, Oct 06 2016




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