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anonymous competitors

an improved judging system
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to prevent what happened recently to the canadian figure skaters at the olympics, have all competitors compete in balaclavas or masks, and possibly have them all wear the same matte black outfits. no announcements would be made as to who the competitors are either, until the entire competition is over. the judges wouldn't know who they were judging, and the only way they could score the event would be on the technical merit of the skater(s).

of course you could use this system for any sport that relies on subjective judging for its outcome. it would be less spectator-friendly, but much more fair.

mihali, Feb 21 2002


       In reality, this wouldn't fool the judges. They follow the "sport" and not only know the skaters' signature moves (and weaknesses), they'd recognize the body of many of the skaters.   

       ex. Tonya Harding's giant a55.
seal, Feb 21 2002

       I'm pretty sure the IOC cares more about spectator-friendly (i.e., revenue-generating) than fair, excepting the degree to which fairness contributes to spectator friendliness.
bookworm, Feb 21 2002

       Then you could have a judging system in which the judges aren't allowed to see the competitors, but judge based on the "ooh"s and "aah"s from the audience.
hippo, Feb 21 2002

       The provisional IRA on ice.
mcscotland, Feb 21 2002

       ...would not get very high marks from the British judge.
calum, Feb 21 2002

       Anybody who seriously follows the sport could tell who is skating by how they move. It wouldn't work. As if that weren't enough of a problem, skaters usually skate the same programs for an entire season.   

       I actually like scoring system used on pro competitions. They eliminate the highest and lowest score given for each skater. I think that that's the best model for a scoring system. Heck, they could even double the number of judges and eliminate the top and bottom 2 or 3 scores.
rebekkahshiri, Feb 21 2002

       Alternatively, they could remove from the Games any 'sport' which requires the personal opinions of judges to decide who has won.
angel, Feb 21 2002

       Croissant for angel.
mcscotland, Feb 21 2002

       Perhaps the judges only get to see a computed representation of the skating. The performance parameters are precisely tracked and recorded then replayed as a computer animated reconstruction of the performance--with anonymous skater models, of course.
bristolz, Feb 21 2002

       ooohh, i like that! you could have the skaters go out on the ice all covered in ping-pong balls, with motion-tracking cameras/software doing all the technical bits, the way they do for sports-based video games.
mihali, Feb 21 2002

       Perhaps there should be some type of feedback system amongst the judges themselves. Namely electrical shocks. All Televised of course.
thumbwax, Feb 21 2002

       You could take judges from other sports who know nothing about the one they are about to judge, and have them give out points based on what they believe looks good, you'd have to rotate the judges every time there was a sporting event but in the case of the olympics they'd have four years to forget what they may have picked up anyway.
kaz, Feb 21 2002

       We could vote on the judges, as to which one to bump off...
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2002


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