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anti gravity

centrifuge based antigravity device
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if you take a motor with like a flexible propeller attached that have weights at his tips and power it on you will have an equivalent force all around the perimeter wishing to expand out words, if the propeller with the motor will be placed horizontally the forces polling up, down, right, and left will be equal.

now, you apply pooling force with no friction device like electromagnet in front of the “propeller” at the lower side of the perimeter forcing the "propeller" to bend forward at his lower side while turning and by doing that splitting the centrifuge force on the down side to two, because now the propeller trying to go back to his usual turning route wasting energy horizontally and by doing that the force on the upward direction of the propeller is bigger then the force on the downward side, theoretically the apparatus will raise up or at least be lighter.

izikalvo, May 22 2008

Gyroscopic force generator Enhanced_20gyroscopic_20force_20generator
More along these lines. [bungston, May 22 2008]


       //placed horizontally// Do you mean that it's spinning in a horizontal plane? If so, then where do the up and down forces come from?   

       Also, assuming that English is not your first language, may I suggest that you replace 'pool' with 'pull' throughout?   

       I'm torn between (1) advising you to leave your language obscure, so that the language pedants say unkind things, and (2) advising you to make it clearer, so that the physicists say them.
pertinax, May 22 2008

       Theoretically the apparatus will stay the same weight.   

       The language is confusing. The premise is impossible.
baconbrain, May 22 2008

       Yes, this will work...but only for one instant. You will only have the upward force to oppose the downward force you apply to move the weights. At that point you can let them return upwards, which will cause the opposite of the original impulse or you can leave them down in their new orbits.   

       Either way the spinning really has no effect, you can do the same thing by raising and lowering any heavy ring. The only forces are the reaction force form the heavy weights being moved vertically for that one instant.   

MisterQED, May 22 2008

       I can tell intuitively that this won't work, but i want to be able to tell that it won't work by reasoning. I think the reason it won't is that the force which the propellor would exert downwards is instead exerted by whatever is holding the magnets, but i can't get a clear image of what this is doing in my head.   

       [MisterQED], once again i'm sure this suggestion i'm about to make won't work either, but given what you said, if it works momentarily, what would happen if there were a series of these devices starting one after the other? The initial intervals during which they work could then be consecutive, couldn't they? Again, the problem is that i don't understand the original idea.
nineteenthly, May 22 2008

       pool changed to pull, the device stands horizontally, so the so called propeller is vertical, the forces at the lower part are spited between the pulling power of the magnet and the centrifuge and since it is at the down side of the perimeter the force on the upper side of the perimeter is grater.
izikalvo, May 22 2008

       [nineteenthly] It's just reaction force. His magnets moved the weights down which gives a reaction force up, but it can't continue. If you did it with a pulse, it would just vibrate.   

       Take any heavy object, hold it close and then quickly extend to arms length. Will you have thrust? Yes, It will lean you back. Can you repeat it? No.   

       All the centripetal forces are counteracted by tension in the propellors.
MisterQED, May 22 2008

       well... ignoring precession, I think the idea roughly says that if you pull something up, it will go up.
FlyingToaster, May 22 2008

       Thanks, [QED]. So, if you had a series of propellors with smaller propellors on the blades and so forth, you would then get steadily less movement, but still a little, until you reached the nanotechnology level, at which point one of us can say it's nanotech magic and the problem is solved.
nineteenthly, May 22 2008

       I don't know, I like the idea of a 'pooling force.' It must be what pulls fat people in bathing suits towards swimming areas.   

       Have you met [pashute]?
RayfordSteele, May 22 2008

       [iz] - see the idea I have linked above by Ling. It is a serious treatment of this premise and you might find it interesting.
bungston, May 22 2008


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