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aquagenetic waterpark

how to do so ethically
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This is a waterpark at the beach of some remote tropical island. Everything is made safe and it's a paradise. The catch is you cannot ever leave.

So these people who voluntered live in aquatic conditions as much as possible. They build their own environment to suit them and basically just muck about in the water having a good time with the dolphins.

Scientists invent ways to make the aqua environment have the most positive effect possible with special stimuli.

After many generations a new aquatic species emerges

zeno, Jun 26 2014

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       Fantasy Island..."The plane"
skinflaps, Jun 26 2014

       I'll be your first tenant. Thanks [zeno]. Need beach bad. I'm landlocked between never ending cornfields, again. My childhood nightmares realized.   

blissmiss, Jun 26 2014

       This is an add on to aquagenetic engenering by teslaberry
zeno, Jun 26 2014

       I get that. But his Veronesque idea is too long to read this early in the morning. Need Reader's Digest version.
blissmiss, Jun 26 2014

       //Reader's Digest version.// [marked-for-deletion] selective breeding,   

       and that other:general thing is getting old - if you can't figure out, or ask, how to avoid scrolling through the table, then scroll through the table - the categories are useful to other h'bakers to, among other things, determine prior art.
FlyingToaster, Jun 26 2014

       I'm past the age of breeding, but I do have to wait till I get to a certain saturation level of caffeine before I climb Mt. Everest, if you know what I mean.
blissmiss, Jun 26 2014

       Many times I have remarked how hard it is for me to find the right category. This time I forgot. But now you say there is a way to avoid the scrolling through the seemingly endless categories? Please tell me how to choose the right category for my ideas, I'll never post in other general again.
zeno, Jun 26 2014

       i cut my post in half to make it easier to read.   

       i hope that helps, would love to hear some comments.   

       i dinged your post zeno because this is more of an implicit criticism of the idea i suggested which is TO USE RATS first.   

       putting humans on a water park for thousands of years is not sustainable, your experiment will go broke before it makes ANY progress.   

       consider it takes at least 17 years on average to have a generation of babies.   

       you will need at least 500 generations of natural selection to make any progress. at 8500 years , that's way too slow. even if it were 50 generations. 850 years is way to slow.   

       if you had 1 billion dollars you couldn't guarantee the experiment yields any fruit over that time 850 years.   

       even assuming a stable global environement in which your investment money provides a stable grant funding.   

       in fact any more than 1 generation is realistically a problem because you cannot show experimental success in any major amount of time.   

       so the progress must all come out in the predictability of the first generation===if you can describe it this way. here's what I mean;   


       meaning you have to know enough to genetically manipulate A substantial number of embryos , and observe them going through neo-natal development and of course select IN the ones that look like they are showing 'progress during their third trimester. most modified embryos won't even make it to the third trimester and for those that do most of those won't be fit for birthing even. and amongst those fit for birthing they won't show neo-natal promise for fitness in the aquatic environment.   

       you will have to mercy kill all of the fetus'es until you get the one that you are ready to ethically bring into this world and commit to treating like a human being even if it does have developmental defects. meaning showing it kindness and care.   

       a tens of thousands of women can be used to produce a selected out small army of experimental sea-humans. and eventually one of those babies, will prove to be the FIRST of his new race by demonstrating his superior skills in the water as a child. Of course, you will still have to train all these sea-humans as if they were evolved to live in the sea, meaning as nice and humanely as you must treat them, you must still push their limits in the water FROM BIRTH. and some might even die ( and that is where it gets MOST unethical , if you weren't already uncomfortable with killing many fetuses ....but hey , it's for science!.....shudder...)   

       so at the end of the day, you are going to raise an army of selected babies as if they were baby otters, or baby aquatic mammals , MORE OR LESS. and the few that show true promise will be the result.   

       to even think this could be possibly---you would need a substantial amount of data about the process by which mammals have already demonstrated natural evolutionary success of their biological and genetic codes, and try and mimic it in as short a time as possible.   

       that's the most ethical yet PRACTICAL way to do this.   

       and come to think of it this isn't really even feasible until you already have an artificial womb that can be used in a predictable fashion--- separately from the mother herself ----to conduct the experiment at scale.   

       it's just not going to work with so many mothers. pretty impractical and unethical to boot.
teslaberry, Jun 26 2014

       And most of that could be forgiven if it just had a category. When in doubt, search for ideas similar and see if the categories they use are appropriate.
normzone, Jun 26 2014

       //Many times I have remarked how hard it is for me to find the right category.   

       Well, maybe you can get an category ideas:zeno out of Jutta?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 26 2014

       clicking the table then punching in a letter will get you to the first entry for that letter. Entering keywords into Search will get you a list of posts; some will be in the category you want; that kills two birds with one stone, since you can check for redundancy. clicking "add" while you're on a post's page will open the Add Post page with the category already set. Several posters have a"list of categories" View.
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2014

       Thaank you FT, that was very helpfull.
zeno, Jun 27 2014

       Ha [not_morrison_rm].
blissmiss, Jun 27 2014


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