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Call it Exodus

Slavery theme park
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After looking at the rotating colossus (linky) I realized that a park where kids (and grownups too) can build a pyramid, heaving ho, then pulling the oars of a boat 100 kids together, with the booming drums in the background would be great fun.

Teenagers could enlist to get punished by being thrown into a cold and dreary dungeon and forced to drink disgusting looking food and drink muddy water for lunch. While in the dungeon, you may pre-choose your torture of choice (for extra points, allowing you to higher thrills, but no real masochism is encouraged, this is mostly about fun, workout and submission.)

Instead of standing in line, you are chained and marched to the market where your master buys you, and sends you according to your price to the next attraction.

Running into a simulated mine field in rows, Iranian style, and using paintball in a phalanx Roman style would be great as well.

Towards the end of the day, you are told that there is someone named Moses Luther King, who wishes to free you. You have to crawl your way behind and under the police barricades. And you get to hear I have a dream, and cheer.

Then, to end the day, you must run in a stampede together with the other kids through a hot water moat, which immediately resides and you can walk out to the other side, before Pharaoh's chariots reach you.

Every attraction does not last more than 20 minutes, and you can opt out every 5 minutes, with staff members looking to see that there is no harassment taking place.

pashute, Jun 26 2013

Kids rotating the colossus http://laughingsqui...aire-bay-area-2011/
[pashute, Jun 26 2013]

It sounds like a joke but the French authorities are taking the situation seriously http://www.bbc.co.u...rld-europe-20484590
[pashute, Jun 30 2013]

OK found it http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004b327
BBC Analysis - French stress [pashute, Jun 30 2013]

Stupid minds think alike as well http://www.laughing...ted-to-slavery.html
[pashute, Jun 30 2013]

Another one http://www.guardian...ng-slavery-memorial
[pashute, Jun 30 2013]

For guilt ridden Europeans http://metro.co.uk/...a-day-event-373793/
This link is more like ytk's idea. But I meant that people enjoy a hard workout, and being scared into doing things. My idea is NOT to induce masochism, just being subjective for pay, with the prospect of release on request at intervals of say twenty minutes. [pashute, Jun 30 2013]


       you know you don't actually have to go to the DMV in person to get your license renewed, do you ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 26 2013

       This would be a fine complement to my concentration camp themed resort/casino idea: “Auschwitz, Las Vegas — Arbeit Macht Fun!”
ytk, Jun 26 2013

       This reminds me of a BBC analysis of why the French are so grumpy these days. Last line? The education system. If it's like mine, they were both like this.
4and20, Jun 27 2013

pashute, Jun 30 2013

pashute, Jun 30 2013


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