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Cliché World

A theme park to demonstrate the dangers of lazy linguistics.
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Take a trip down Really Rainy Road, where stuffed (but alarmingly heavy) cats and dogs fall from the sky.

Try your luck on the "Speedy Seemstress"; if you can make a stitch before Nancy Needle completes hers, you won't have to hang around for nine.

Spend hours trying to make notes on soggy paper, see how quickly you can type with frozen fingers, and try making your way to the canteen in our artificial blizzard. Maybe you’ll realise that you were never really “snowed under” at work. Mind you, would anyone dare to go through the door marked "Hot as Hell in here today"?

When you leave cliché world, as one door closes, another will literally slam in your face.

Fishrat, Jul 01 2004

A more scientific approach http://www.halfbake...xpression_20Testing
OK, maybe just shameless self-promotion [harderthanjesus, Oct 05 2004]

(?) Cliché, word http://stuff.co.nz/...656358a1861,00.html
[methinksnot, May 04 2006]

To assist in planning it Overused_20Metaphor_20Thesaurus
[theircompetitor, May 04 2006]

Free seats to the winner http://www.worldwid....org/qa/qa-thr1.htm
[egbert, May 04 2006]


       Are you sure they're not aphorisms, euphemisms, metaphors and similies?
Detly, Jul 01 2004

       It's a cliched use of the term 'cliché'.
Lacus Trasumenus, Jul 01 2004

       Yeah, but come on Detly, would "Aphorisms, Euphemisms, Metaphors and Similies World" ever fit on the huge Las Vegas style sign over the park entrance?   

       Boy, you gotta think these things through.
Fishrat, Jul 01 2004

       Sounds like fun. I would sure go to this theme park.
Japanese_Coffee, Jul 25 2004

       Not me. I'll avoid it like the plague.
bpilot, Jul 25 2004

       Well actually - I'd fall over backwards not to be seen dead there
tasman, Jul 25 2004

       For a real cliché world, see the link

methinksnot, May 04 2006

       I want to fight my way out of a wet paper bag.
imaginality, May 04 2006

       I want to see how many ways there really are to skin a cat.   

       I can't believe that there aren't more annos on this idea, seems just up the 'bakery alley. Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006

       That's a point, what would the menu be like in the theme park's restaurants?   

       "Here at Chez Cliche, we serve only the finest food. Our set menu begins with a saucer of spilled milk as an appetiser. Steak is a popular choice for the main course; it's large enough for you to bite off more than you can chew.   

       "You can also choose the broth (though between you and me, I don't recommend it - there were some differences of opinion in the kitchen, and, well...).   

       "All our meals are served with a selection of condiments, and a small knife is provided in case you wish to cut the mustard.   

       "As for liquid refreshments, we believe in generosity - our beverages certainly aren't small beer.   

       "For desert, why not choose from our famous selection of crumbly cookies, or if you'd prefer a healthier option, enjoy a bowl of cherries.   

       "We do also serve takeaways; may I suggest our crispy bacon, perfect for bringing home.   

       "For your entertainment, we provide an animal cabaret - watch the amazing Dobbin eat like a horse!   

       "So, enjoy your meal - now eat, drink and be merry!" ***   

       I guess the waiters would all wear tough gloves in case people want to bite the hand that feeds them. (Actually, it could be an annoying place to work - all those customers insisting: "That's not my cup of tea.")
imaginality, May 04 2006

       The less intelligent wouldn't see wood for trees, then soon you wouldn't see them for dust.

       Definately a theme park for the intellectual.
kuupuuluu, May 04 2006

       Yeah, but they're the bees knees.
egbert, May 04 2006

       a theater with really bad performers and with special chairs made so that the audience don't face the stage, but ... ahmmm... (back? the stage and) stay with their arses up, thus paying attention with those mentioned parts.
sweet, May 04 2006

       I wouldn't expect to pay to visit a theatre like that - I'd have to be free seats to the wind.
egbert, May 04 2006

       Wouldn't that be "..three seats from the wind"?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006

       See link.
egbert, May 04 2006


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