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at-home hydrogen generator

at-home electroysis system
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Self-contained electrolytic hydrogen generator/compressor that plugs into a standard home electrical outlet. Converts tap water into hydrogen and oxygen, releases oxygen to the atmosphere, compresses hydrogen and fills portable/transportable hydrogen container modules for use in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Probably not as efficient as a pure electric vehicle, but it would make us independant of multinational energy (oil, gas, coal) companies (who did you suppose was going to provide hydrogen for all those proposed hydrogen-powered future vehicles?)
whlanteigne, Sep 30 2006


       A machine that consumes energy to convert energy into a different format does not make us independent of people who sell us the energy.
jutta, Sep 30 2006

       You have also described an "Home Bomb Kit" Connect that portable container loosely enough and your house blows up.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 01 2006


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