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bacon powered car

engine cooks bacon, collects and burns fat similarly to turbo diesels
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This idea is inspired by the 100 foot rolls of bacon idea (#1063308896) and [kamenmann]'s comment. Basically, this vehicle uses a battery to heat an electric conveyor grill built into the engine block. This feature is integrated into the "glow-plug" system common in modern diesels. After the combustion chamber generates enough heat to cook the bacon and extract most of the fats, the electrical heating system turns off.

The cooked bacon comes out a slot in the dash with an automatic blade that cuts it off at a user-specified length and drops into a washable basket below.

You load the rolls of bacon into a special port just between the windshield and hood/bonnet (next to the refrigeration unit also used for A/C).

everyshoefits, Jul 21 2004

100 Foot Rolls of Bacon http://www.halfbake...0Rolls_20of_20Bacon
the idea referenced in the first paragraph [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Another bacon inspired device... http://www.halfbake...con_20Fax_20Machine
The bacon fax machine could be connected directly to the output of the baco-car. Why? I don't know, just 'cos. [Jinbish, Oct 04 2004]


       Should be popular, what with the atkins craze as of late. Like they say, the only thing better than meat and potatoes is meat and meat!. Bacon for breakfast, bacon for lunch, bacon for dinner!
Freefall, Jul 21 2004

       [+++] A delicious bagel of an idea. It should go into immediate production. Ahh the aroma of it . A definite plus when driving through poor areas where people are starving to death. I reckon this will make them even more envious of you.
tasman, Jul 21 2004

       Is bacon the new custard?
philmckraken, Jul 22 2004

       Only if you pour it on apple pie.
angel, Jul 22 2004

       On a cold winter morning, this car would be a real pig to get started.   

       Sorry, that joke was a bit rasher than it should have been.   

       BTW, wouldn't this technically be a sausage powered car?   

WYBloke, Jul 22 2004

       Porking would not be a problem
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       Genius (+)   

       Is there nothing that bacon can't do? I'm just in the office and settled down - but am inspired to have another breakfast: to the shops for a bacon roll!   

       I've just had the notion of writing a software package to copy all the ideas in the HB but replace the main subject to involve bacon. It would work much like poot.com but be about bacon and I would call it:
The Halfbaconery
Jinbish, Jul 22 2004

       Thats a halfbaconed idea if ever I heard one
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       Would it squeal and grunt once ready ? No rind thanks [+]
skinflaps, Jul 23 2004

       Now if only I could get my cassette player to make toast...
the_art, Jul 23 2004

       marcos is gross...
daseva, Jul 23 2004

xclamp, Jul 23 2004

       Petrol stations will no longer be a place to pinch your nose.
spiritualized, Jul 23 2004

       [bwv61], I believe lard could be used. As it has the same properties as bacon fat, the high-temp high-viscosity hydrocarbon engine could easily burn lard to supply translational (to move the car) and random kinetic (to cook the bacon/ melt the lard) energy.
everyshoefits, Jul 23 2004

       This I like.
It could be like an ice cream truck...but with back bacon eh.

       Baked (look up 'Biodiesel' on google.)
croissantz, Dec 12 2004

       Excellent [+]   

       We propose the idea of a "bacon economy". Feed crops such as maize are grown and fed to pigs. When the pigs reach slaughter weight, they are butchered annd converted to bacon and other delicious pork derivatives. The remains are renndered for lard, which is connverted to diesel fuel. All homes are provided with a recycling receptacle for bacon and other fats and oils whic are collected by a cart pulled by pigs and delivered to the lard processing centre.   

       The pig manure is used on the maize fields as a fertilizer.
8th of 7, Aug 10 2014


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