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Can't put your book down but need to drive to work?
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Combine the advantages of books on tape and traditional printed pages. I came up with this idea because when I get into a good book I can never put it down. Literally. The trouble is that this takes over my life because I have to do everything with one hand holding the book and my eyes on the page. Sometimes I have to skip lunch because making it requires me to put down the book. Audio-books will use digital technology to put a complete audio recording of the book onto a little chip in the spine of the book (probably only in hardback books till technology gets better). So if you want to drive to work but you can't put down your book, simply plug in some headphones, key your page number into a keypad on the spine, belt up and enjoy your journey. Then when you get to work take out the headphones, make sure the boss isn't watching and continue your seamless literary experience in traditional fashion...
simon32, May 12 2004


       I like it, but the problem is cost. I've tried to put an audiobook on CD before in MP3 format, and it barely fits at a moderately low quality (I believe the entire audio book was on ~ 18 CD's). That's 700 MB of memory you'll need to include, which is currently expensive. Add the cost of an MP3 player, and that's a lot of money for a book.
Worldgineer, May 12 2004

       More likely to happen the other way, i.e. eBooks coming with audio support, but +
theircompetitor, May 13 2004

       This is a spin-off of that, I was gonna make into a new topic, but decided it belongs here.   

       Each book you buy has a code to a secure website. The code brings you to a site where you can upload certain pages of the audio version of the book onto an mp3 player or device of the sort. You select the start page and away you go. + anyway
swimr, May 13 2004


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