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automated food canner

sensors monitor canner's heat,pressure & time so you can go do other things
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okay you whiz kids-help me with this one. Back in the "olden days" people used to home can there own garden produce and food (and some of us still do!). It is done in canning jars in a device that is very similar to a pressure cooker. I would like a canner that, once loaded with the food, I can set the time, pressure and etc. and get the heck out of the hot kitchen until it is done. I envision it as being an automated version of what is currently done on the stove top. I believe this is actually a marketable idea and i wish someone would see it through. Go make a milllion bucks...!!!!!!
Gaelianna, Jun 29 2000


       I can food myself, and I think this would be a great idea. You could either manually set the heat and the time to process the jars, then hit the Start button. Also, you might want to add a failsafe mechanism to ensure that the canner is properly sealed as well, and a digital thermostat to control the temperature.   

       Better yet, you could even have a digital control (like that of most microwaves) that could let you do 'one-touch canning'. Just select the type of food you're canning, and the computer does the rest.   

       On second thought, it's probably better to set things manually like my first example. I've never seen a 'one-touch' microwave timer ever get things right.
BigThor, Aug 01 2000


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