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Disposable Cookware

Never wash dishes again!
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If you're like me, you would starve if not for free plastic silverware from Wendy's and stacks of 1000 paper plates and solo cups from Sam's Club. As an engineer, I am psychologically unable to perform non-value-added activities such as washing dishes after eating. When the product has already been shipped, why should the process continue?

Washing dishes is clearly an economic waste which demands an immediate solution. As with most economic problems, the best solution is to remove waste from the process and put it directly into the environment.

The use of disposable plates, bowls, and silverware is the first step towards efficient eating. However, even the most conservation-minded of us still have to perform the wasteful task of cleaning pots and pans. Disposable cookware would break the last link of this ball and chain and allow us to eat in freedom.

Some forms of disposable cookware already exist, most notably in the form of Cup-O'-Noodles or the cereal boxes that you can pour milk into and eat from. However, these are tailored to specific forms of food and limit us to eating nothing but these few meals. We need disposable pots and pans (as well as mixing bowls, measuring cups, and crock-pots) if we are to be truly liberated.

I imagine that the introduction of more waste into our landfills and rivers may irk some of the more zealous environmentally-minded. However, the amount of energy saved in not running dishwashers, as well as the removal of hazardous dishwashing chemicals from the world would offset the unsightly mess of gravy-encrusted pots and pans everywhere. Besides, those hippies never wash anything anyways.

You can make your own disposable cookware using aluminum foil and some scissors. For canned foods, you can use the can itself as a pot. YOU hold the key to your freedom!

Wheaties11, Sep 04 2001

Tool of the trade http://www.google.c...posable+Cookware%22
[lubbit, Sep 04 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       As a non-engineer, I would check whether an idea already existed before inventing it.
lubbit, Sep 04 2001

       This should get some kind of an award for being the most blatantly baked idea ever. Possibly a second one for the length of time it's been baked...paper plates are what, 100 years old?
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       Does it mean anything that the highest point in Ohio is not a natural hill or mountain but a landfill? You don't have to be an over-zealous, tree-huggin' hippie to hope that not too many people are this lazy.
Susen, Sep 08 2001

       Go Wheaties!   

       Susen- Easy for you to say, you over-zealous, tree-huggin' hippie.   

       I'm lazy... I'm hungry... I've got this burning urge to up-and-destroy the environment. How else can all of my goals be reached so efficiently?   

       Yes, the red, plastic cup that comes in packs of three-hundred. It is my savior.
Vencabot, Sep 02 2002

       All cookware, regardless of composition, is disposable.
bristolz, Sep 02 2002

       Hark back to medieval times and use edible cookware. Stale crusts make great plates and a hollowed out loaf works as a bowl. They soak up the juices and you can eat them afterwards.
madradish, Sep 02 2002

       //As an engineer, I am psychologically unable to perform non-value-added activities such as washing dishes after eating.//   

       From observing my father (also an engineer), I'd have to concur. However, you may find the action of loading a dishwasher to be addictive: play with different permutations of packing placement! will you go for maximum packing fraction, or optimal cleaning spacing? Is there a happy medium? Is there a best system for all batches of dirty dishes, or does each have to have its merits carefully weighed?   

       Go, buy a dishwasher, and enjoy.
yamahito, Sep 02 2002

       I believe that this idea would be great for family trips and camping/backpacking. I am a Boy Scout leader and it is a real pain when you are on a multi day backpacking trip and have to carry around pots and pans. If you had a single use or limited use pots that were light weight and disposible it would be a delight. Maybe a light weight aluminum with a wire handle.
partouzard, Apr 25 2006

       The wait is over at last- hopefully coming to a Wal-Mart near you( an oxymoron)- rigid stainless steel wire frames holding a loosely fixed disposable cooking liner. I have a U.S. patent for and i am currently spending my money to make it a reality- keep the frame-dispose the used liner. Typical starter kit will be 2 different(large and smaller) frying pan embodiedments with 10 aluminum foil liners per and a saucepan embodiedment with its liner (tricky- no one has ever punched out a disposable pan in this shape- I'm going to do it). Question: will you all give them a try if I keep the price cheap? Remember, never clean a frying pan again. RangeWare- for the home range and home on the range(TM) Brilliant slogan eh __ Rangeware, May 20,2006
rangeware, May 20 2006

       I envision such cookware being made of fused sand. Ordinary sorted sand is placed in a mold then heated enough to partly glassify it. Perhaps a torch flame is played across the cooking surface to further glassify. Advantages: 1: Cheap 2: When chucked into the ocean, reverts to sand, eventually. 3: Oreless! 4: Cheap 5: Incorporate colorful gravel! - nifty! 6: Not too durable, so you need to buy more soon. You want durable, buy cast iron.
bungston, May 20 2006

       I like (buy Rangeware) when other users here (it is very cheap and convenient) are kind enough to guide (you can buy it at Wal-Mart) the rest of us (remember, Rangeware (R) Brand Disposable Cookware).
methinksnot, May 22 2006

       :(-as a hippie- i take offense 2 "Besides, those hippies never wash anything anyways." cuz i do-y not be like me-and eat everything out of the microwave-out of plastic take out containers??-cuz they last a while in the microwave-and if u want 2 throw them out u could
wakeNbake, May 22 2006


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